Ben Turpin

Birth: September 19, 1869
New Orleans, LA
Death: July 01, 1940
Santa Monica, Ca
Cause: Heart Disease
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Glendale
Burial Location: Azalea Terrace
Directions: Enter the cemetery and take your first right just after the mortuary offices. Follow the main road around to the back of the Great Mausoleum. You will see a door marked "Azalea Terrace". If you can gain access, Turpin is on the first floor, go to the hall on your left just inside the door to the very end on the right side.
Biography: The cross eyed comedian of Vaudeville and silent films, his fame rivaled that of Charlie Chaplin. The cross eyes was a result of him playing a character with an eye affliction but the eye never went back into place. It was this ailment that would skyrocket Turpin to stardom. Not beggining his acting career until the age of 38, Turpin had his eyes insured with Lloyds of London in case they ever corrected themselves.
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