Annette Funicello

Birth: October 22, 1942
Utica, NY
Death: April 08, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
Cause: Complications of Multiple sclerosis
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
Burial Location: Allegedly Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
Biography: Annette Funicello achieved immense popularity starting in October, 1955 when she debuted as a Mouseketeer. Auditioning along with two hundred other children, Annette became the last Mouseketeer of the twenty four to be chosen. However during the run through 1958 of the Mouseketeers Show, she became the most popular and the only one kept under contract by Walt Disney when he canceled the show. Annette then starred in her own show "Annette", as well as other Disney vehicles for several years. During this time Annette also had many hit singles on the "Hot 100" charts. Her popularity was such by the last 50's that for more than a decade, she was simply known as "Annette". Whenever anyone spoke of Annette, no last name was ever needed as everyone knew who you were talking about. During her run of hit singles she also traveled with Dick Clark"s caravan on singing tours around the country. During this time she and Paul Anka fell in love and he wrote both "Puppy Love" and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" for her. Eventually they parted ways while both continued signing and acting. During the early 1960', American International Films wanted to use he in a surfing movie. They presented Walt Disney, with whom she was still under contract, and to everyone's surprise , he gave his consent. The first movie was a smash and several more followed usually with Frankie Avalon as the love interest. After the surfing craze died out, Annette married and became the mother of three children still doing a few guests spots and eventually becoming the spokesperson for Skippy Peanut butter in many commercials. In the late '80's, Annette came down with multiple sclerosis IMDB
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