Spencer Tracy

Birth: April 05, 1900
Milwakee, WI
Death: June 10, 1967
Beverly Hills, CA
Cause: Heart attack following lung congestion
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Glendale
Burial Location: Garden Of Everlasting Peace
Directions: Enter the cemetery and follow the signs to the Freedom Court area and the Freedom Mausoleum. Just down from the Freedom Mausoleum is a small court yard with the name "Garden of Everlasting Peace" above the doorway. Enter the doorway and look immediately to your right. There are several family garden areas in the right corner. Spencer Tracy is buried in the corner family plot with the faded red stone on the wall with the name TRACY barely visible.
Biography: Best known for her pairing with Katharine Hepburn in several feature films, Spencer Tracy began his acting career after leaving the arm forces after WWI. He roomed with fellow actor Pat O'Brien while the both attended acting school. He was discovered by director John Huston and given the lead in "Up the River" in 1931. In the next three years, Spencer would make 16 films. He was married but had a life long affair with his co-star Katharine Hepburn but never divorce his wife for religious reasons. He died just a few weeks after completing "Look whose Coming to Dinner" in 1967.
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