Olive Thomas

Birth: October 20, 1894
Charleroi, PA
Death: September 10, 1920
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Cause: Poisoning
Cemetery: Other/Unknown
Burial Location: Woodlawn Cemetery, NY Wintergreen Section
Biography: Married by the age of 16 in industrial Pittsburg, Olive Thomas would divorce 2 years later and head for New York. While working in a department store, she enter "The most beautiful girl in New York" contest and won. Floyd Zigfield discovered Olive and she began performing in the Follies. She also posed nude for the famed Peruvian artist 'Alberto Vargas' . As a result of her sudden fame, she was signed to a contract with Triangle Pictures. In 1916, she married Jack Pickford, brother of Mary Pickford. She appeared in 5 films in 1917 and became the toast of Hollywood. By 1920, Olive was at the top of the film world. She continued to make good pictures, most notably, Youthful Folly and The Flapper. After finishing shooting Everybody's Sweetheart (1920), Olive and Jack sailed to France in August for a much needed vacation. The couple seemed happy, which seems odd in light of what was to follow. Olive accidentally ingested bi-chloride of mercury from a French-labeled bottle in a darkened bathroom, believing it to be another medication, and she died from it not long after. The death made worldwide headlines and it was finally ruled accidental. Had Olive not died so young, she would always be remembered as one of the finest actresses of the silent era. With the advent of sound pictures, she would have no doubt continued her dazzling career. Olive Thomas, who was considered to be one of the world's great beauties, was only 20 when she died.
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