William Desmond Taylor

Birth: April 26, 1872
Carlow, Ireland
Death: February 01, 1922
Los Angeles, CA
Cause: Homicide
Cemetery: Hollywood Forever
Burial Location: Cathedral Mausoleum, Crypt 594
Directions: Enter the cemetery and take the main road to the first intersection. Turn left and park in front of the mausoleum on your right. Enter the building and turn right down the second hall. William Taylor's crypt is to your right 6 rows in and two up from the bottom.
Biography: One of the strangest stories to be born in Hollywood, William Taylor "Tanner" married in 1901 and had a family. In 1908, he went to lunch and never returned to his family. He contacted his employer and asked for $600.00 and was never seen again. Rumors abound as to the whereabouts of Taylor but no on knew for sure. In 1912, his wife sued for divorce and won. Meanwhile, William was working as a stage actor, engineer, antique dealer, gold miner. Entered silent film industry as actor in 1912; most noted film as actor was "Captain Alvarez" in 1914. Directed first film for Balboa Films in 1914. Subsequently directed for American Film, Favorite Players, Pallas, Morosco, Fox, Famous Players-Lasky, Select, Realart, Paramount. On February 1, 1922 Paramount film director William Desmond Taylor, was shot to death in his bungalow. His unsolved murder was one of Hollywood's earliest major scandals. From what the police could piece together, at 7:00 pm, Taylor returned a telephone call to actor Antonio Moreno at the L.A. Athletic Club. At 7:05 pm, Mabel Normand arrives at his door. She left at about 7:45 pm, and Taylor was shot in the chest with a single bullet within a few minutes of her departure. The list of suspects was the A list in Hollywood and the rumors of payoff's would be alleged. The discovery of Mary Miles Minter's belongings in his bungalow effectually killed her career in pictures. Mabel Normand's career would be tarnished by her association and questionable motivation with the death of Taylor. Taylor's funeral was one of the most impressive ever held in Los Angeles. Every person of prominence in the picture industry attended the services.
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