Irving Thalberg

Birth: May 30, 1899
Brooklyn, NY
Death: September 14, 1936
Santa Monica, CA
Cause: Lobular Pneumonia
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Glendale
Burial Location: Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary Of Benediction
Directions: Enter the cemetery and follow the signs to the Great Mausoleum. Enter the main doors and walk to the end of the main hall. Turn right, the first hall on your right is the Sanctuary of Benediction. There is a short gate as this is a private area. At the end of this hall is a short flight of stairs. Thalberg is on the left in a private family crypt. Do not climb over this gate, it is private.
Biography: By the age of 21, Irving Thalberg was one of the youngest executives for the great Carl Laemmle. After a poor choice of romanve with Laemmle's daughter, Irving moved to Louis B. Mayer productions and began working overseeing melodrama's. He would continue working with Mayer wit hthe advent of MGM studios making profitable films for Louis well into the mid 1930's. Thalberg himself was a workaholic and his health, which was never good, suffered. In his position as production supervisor, Thalberg had no qualms about expensive retakes or even extensively re-working a picture after it had completed principal photography. Thalberg fell into a deep depression after the mysterious death of his friend and assistant Paul Bern and took a year off. He came back to work but with limited duties and continued with MGM, signing the Marx Brothers and several others who had been released from other contracts. He was survived by his widow Norma and their two children; Irving, Jr. and Katherine. After his death the Motion Picture Academy created the Irving Thalberg Award, given for excellence in production.
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