Norma Talmadge

Birth: May 26, 1893
Jersey City, NJ
Death: December 24, 1957
Las Vegas, NV
Cause: Stroke
Cemetery: Hollywood Forever
Burial Location: Abbey Of The Psalms, Shrine Of Eternal Love, Talmadge Room, Corridor G-7.
Directions: Enter the cemetery and turn left at the information booth. Follow the road around to the left to the Abbey of the Psalms. Standing in front of the mausoleum, just walk into the first hallway on your left (south), the Sanctuary of Peace, then quickly turn left again (east) at the first side corridor (the Shrine of Eternal Love). On the right (south) side of this small side passage is an even smaller room, that of the Talmadge family.
Biography: Norma Talmadge was born on May 26, 1895 in Jersey City, New Jersey. The daughter of an unemployed alcoholic and his wife. By the time she was 14, Norma took up modeling. She was successful enough that she attracted the attention of studio chiefs in New York City. Norma landed a small role in 1909's 'THE HOUSEHOLD PEST'. By 1911, she was improving as an actress, so much so that she landed a good part in 'A TALE OF TWO CITIES'. In August of 1915, Norma and her mother left for California and the promise of success. During this time her sister, Constance, was working for the legendary director, D.W. Griffith. Constance managed to get Norma a contract with Griffith's film company. In 1916, she met and married Joseph Schenck. With his backing they formed their own production company which turned out a number of films. In 1920, the production company was moved to Hollywood where the big hits of the day were being produced. With the advent of talking pictures, Norman was out of business as her voice did not lend itself to the new medium. Norma married and divorced several times after this period, trying to revive her career but failed in her relationships as with her career. Norma died of a stroke on Christmas Eve, 1957 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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