Lou Tellegen

Birth: November 26, 1881
St. Oedenrode, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Death: October 29, 1934
Hollywood, CA
Cause: Suicide
Cemetery: Cremated
Burial Location: Cremate, Ashes Scattered
Biography: Lou Tellegen started his life as a wanderer, working odd jobs as he worked his way through Europe, even becoming a trapeze artist in the circus. He was jailed in Russia for selling birth control pamphlets. Tellegen got into a scrape involving a lady that landed him once more in prison - this time in Paris. He sent a telegram to his friend, actor Édouard de Max, who obtained his release from prison and introduced him to Sarah Bernhardt. She hired him as her leading man and he accompanied her on tour. Tellegen starred as Lord Essex opposite Bernhardt in 1912's Amours de la reine Élisabeth, Les (1912). He went on to enjoy a brief career as a matinee hero in silent films and married opera star Geraldine Farrar. They divorced in 1919, and he penned his autobiography "Women Have Been Kind" in 1931, the title of which 'Vanity Fair' later suggested should have been "Women Have Been Kind of Dumb". Ill and debt-ridden, Lou Tellegen committed suicide in 1934 at the Cudahy mansion near Hollywood & Vine by stabbing himself with a pair of scissors. IMDB
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