Wally Beery

Birth: April 01, 1885
Kansas City, Miss.
Death: April 15, 1949
Beverly Hills, CA
Cause: Heart Attack
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Glendale
Burial Location: Vale Of Memory, Lot 2086
Biography: Wallace Beery was born April 1 1885, in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1902, 16-year-old Wallace Beery joined the Ringling Brothers Circus as an assistant to the elephant trainer. After an incident with a leopard that left his arm scarred, he left the circus and went to New York. He began acting in musicals and traveled in stock companies. In 1913, Wallace traveled to Hollywood. In 1916 he wed his co-star Gloria Swanson and they went on to be wildly unhappy together. The marriage dissolved when Beery could not control his drinking and Gloria got tired of his abuse. When sound came, Beery was one of the victims of the wholesale studio purge. He had a voice that would record well, but his speech was slow and his tone was a deep and folksy. MGM executive Irving Thalberg saw something in Beery and hired him for the studio. The next year Beery would win the Oscar for Best Actor in The Champ. He would be forever remembered as Long John Silver in Treasure Island. Beery became one of the top ten stars in Hollywood. By 1941, his career was slowing as he was getting up in age. He continued to work, appearing in only one or two pictures a year, until he died from a heart attack in 1949.
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