Dalton Trumbo

Birth: December 09, 1905
Montrose, CO
Death: September 10, 1976
Los angeles, Ca
Cause: Heart Attack
Cemetery: Other/Unknown
Burial Location: Body Donated To Science.
Biography: Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning screenwriter, arguably the most talented, most famous of the blacklisted film professionals known to history as the Hollywood 10. Raised in Colorado, Dalton began writing at a young age. He was on the newspaper in High school and the yearbook commitee. He continued honing his skills in college, becoming active in the yearbook and newspaper once again. In 1934, Warner Bros. hired Trumbo as a reader, a job that entailed reading and summarizing plays and novels and advising whether they might be adapted into movies. From there he was given a job in the B-pictures circuit, writing scripts. Dalton left Warner and worked for every major production company until he came to MGM, where he made a name for himself. Dalton joined the anti-fascist Popular Front coalition of communists and liberals in the late 1930s. In 1947, he would become one of the famouse Hollywood 10 and would be fined and jailed for refusing to answer questions. Exiled from Hollywood, he would eventually move to Mexico to resume writing. Kirk Douglas asked Dalton to write the script for "Spartacus" in 1959, one of his most famous works. He would go on to write "Exodus" the following year and his career took off once again. Dalton Trumbo died from a heart attack in California on September 10, 1976. At his memorial service, Ring Lardner Jr., his close friend and fellow Hollywood 10 member, delivered an amusing eulogy. "At rare intervals, there appears among us a person whose virtues are so manifest to all, who has such a capacity for relating to every sort of human being, who so subordinates his own ego drive to the concerns of others, who lives his whole life in such harmony with the surrounding community that he is revered and loved by everyone with whom he comes in contact. Such a man Dalton Trumbo was not."
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