Max Factor

Birth: January 01, 1877
Łódź, Poland
Death: August 30, 1938
Los Angeles, Ca
Cause: Heart Failure
Cemetery: Hillside Cemetery
Burial Location: Mausoleum, Outside U-112
Directions: Enter the cemetery and follow the road to the right and up the hill to the Mausoleum. Enter the building and walk through the foyer across the courtyard to the doorway on your right. Walk through and back outside the building. On the wall to your right you will find banks of crypts. The color of the front changes from white to pink. Max Factor is in the second row of pink crypts, three from the bottom.
Biography: Max Factor was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1877. He traveled to the United Sates in 1902 and took his family to the St. Louis World’s Fair, they never returned. He settled in Los Angeles with his family in 1909 and got a job with the Pantages Theatre. By 1914, he was perfecting makeup for the movies. Inevitably, once the actresses had been made to look so stylish on screen, they wanted to maintain the same effect in everyday life, so they wore the new Max Factor ‘makeup’ in personal appearances. In 1927 that Max Factor introduced his first cosmetics to be sold to non-theatrical consumers. Factor popularized both the word "makeup" and the use of the cosmetics in everyday life. Credited as the father of modern make-up, Max Factor is responsible for inventing many key cosmetic products and is still the inspiration behind beauty trends and innovations today.
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