Peter Finch

Birth: September 28, 1912
South Kensington, England
Death: January 14, 1977
Bevelry Hills, Ca
Cause: Heart Attack
Cemetery: Hollywood Forever
Burial Location: Cathedral Mausoleum, Corridor A, Crypt 1224
Directions: Enter the cemetery and follow the main road to the first intersection. Turn left and follow the road to the Mausoleum. Park and enter the building. Enter the second hall on your left at the back of the building. Walk down to the end of this hall and turn right into the last alcove. On your right side just before the small wall is Peter Finch two rows from the bottom.
Biography: Peter Finch was born in London in 1912 and went to live in Sydney, Australia, at the age of ten. He worked several dead end jobs before trying acting in 1938. Laurence Olivier spotted him and persuaded him to return to Britain to perform classic roles on the stage. Finch then had an affair with Olivier's wife, Vivien Leigh. His most popular and remembered roles are the homosexually jewish doctor in "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and in "Network". He was a guest host on "The Tonight Show" and died of a heart attack the next day. Johnny Carson gave a memorial to Peter the next evening when the show aired.
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