Marvin Gaye

Birth: April 02, 1939
Washington D.C.
Death: April 01, 1984
Los Angeles, Ca
Cause: Gunshot Wound
Cemetery: Cremated
Burial Location: Cremated, Ashes Scattered At Sea.
Biography: Marvin Gaye, one of the most prolific performers of the 20th century. Unfortunately his tragic death overshadows his many accomplishments during his lifetime. Born April 2, 1939, in Washington, D.C, Marvin graduated from High school and joined the Air Force. After he completed his service, he started singing with The Rainbows, as popular local group. In 1958, the group moved to Chicago, changing their name to the Moonglows. He attempted to go solo, but struggled to find success. With 1963's "Pride and Joy," Gaye scored his first Top Ten smash. In 1964, he had his first album on the charts. Marvin's career had taken off and he had a string of top ten singles and #1 hits. The long-simmering eroticism implicit in much of Gaye's work reached its boiling point with 1973's Let's Get It On, one of the most sexual albums ever recorded for the time. As a result of a 1976 court settlement, Gaye was ordered to make good on missed alimony payments by recording a new album, all of the proceeds would go to his ex-wife. In 1981, longstanding tax difficulties and renewed pressures from the IRS forced Gaye to flee to Europe. He continued records, but his addiction to cocaine and erratic behavior. He came back to the US in 1983 and sang the Star Spangled Banner at a NBA All-Star Game. It was to be his final public performance. With his addiction controling his life, he moved in with his parents to get a hold of his life. His depression and addiction caused him and his father to fight and argue constantly. Finally, on the afternoon of April 1, 1984 -- one day before his 45th birthday -- Gaye was shot and killed by Marvin Sr. in the aftermath of a heated argument.
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