Redd Foxx

Birth: December 09, 1922
St. Louis MO
Death: October 11, 1991
Los Angeles, Ca
Cause: Heart Attack
Cemetery: Other/Unknown
Burial Location: Palm Valley View Memorial Park Las Vegas, Nevada
Biography: Redd Foxx began his career doing standup comedy in the 1940's and 1950's. Unfortunately, his brand of "Blue" comedy was to filthy for white audiences and his record albums were not sold in many stores. He finally began to make a name for himself, appearing on "Toast of the Town" and "The Red Skelton Show". Foxx developed a fan base in the 1960s that increased his notoriety. He starred on his own television series in 1972 called "Sanford and Son". He left the show in 1977 to pursue his own variety show, but it lasted less than a year. in the 1980's he battle the IRS and authorities, but his faltering career started an upswing with the movie "Harlem Nights" starring opposite Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior. He was set to start a new series in 1991, but collapsed during rehersal and was rushed to the hospital. He had suffered a massive heart attach on October 11, 1991 and died. Redd Foxx was 69 years old.
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