Humphrey Bogart

Birth: December 25, 1899
New York, NY
Death: January 14, 1957
Los Angeles, CA
Cause: Throat Cancer
Cemetery: Forest Lawn Glendale
Burial Location: Garden Of Memoriesm Columbarium Of Eternal Light.
Directions: Enter the park and follow the road to the statue of David. Exit your vehicle and walk to the opening in the wall to your right and to the back of this garden. On your left is a bronze door marked "Garden of Memories", this is a private locked area. If you can get into the area, The columbarium is on the far side of the garden on the left side. Enter the room and look on the wall to your right. He is 4 up from the bottom to the left of the middle statue with the name Frank.
Biography: Born and raised in New York to wealthy parents, Humphrey Bogart was educated and Trinity school and Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. He was going into medicine, until he was expelled from school. He joined the U.S Naval reserves for two years, then managed a performing company in New York. He began acting in 1922. By 1930, He was under contract with Fox and, in 1936, got his first big break. He worked with Fox from 1936-1940, appearing in 28 films. His landmark year was 1941 with roles in classics such as High Sierra (1941) and as Sam Spade in one of his most fondly remembered films, The Maltese Falcon (1941). Bogie won the best actor Academy Award for The African Queen (1951) and was nominated for Casablanca and as Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny. He died in his sleep at his Hollywood home following surgeries and a battle with throat cancer.
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