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San Fernando Mission

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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Beckett, Scotty Oct 4th 1929May 10th 1968Section B, Block 3, Lot 1099
Bendix, William Jan 14th 1906Dec 14th 1964Section D, lot 247, row 14, grave 10
Brennan, Walter Jul 25th 1894Sep 21st 1974Section D, Lot 445, Grave 8
Colonna, Jerry Sep 17th 1904Nov 21st 1986Section B
Connors, Chuck Apr 10th 1921Nov 10th 1992Section J, T-20, grave 123
Frawley, William Feb 26th 1887Mar 3rd 1966San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California
Gobel, George May 20th 1919Feb 24th 1991section D
Hope, Bob May 29th 1903Jul 27th 2003Bob Hope Memorial Gardens, on the ground of the San Fernando Mission
Marlowe, June Nov 6th 1903Mar 10th 1984Original location San Fernando Mission, now interred at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
Nash, Clarence Dec 7th 1904Feb 20th 1985Section F
Noonan, Tommy Apr 29th 1921Apr 24th 1968Section B
Valens, Ritchie May 13th 1941Feb 3rd 1959Section C, Lot 248, Grave 2.
Wyatt, Jane Aug 12th 1910Oct 20th 2006