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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Benaderet, Bea Apr 4th 1906Oct 13th 1968Mausoleum of Hope, Row C, Crypt 34
Corsaut, Aneta Nov 3rd 1933Nov 6th 1995Block G (Graceland), Section 651
Crew, Columbia Nov 30th -0001Jan 16th 2003
DeRita, Joe Jul 12th 1909Jul 3rd 1993Block D, Section 338, Lot 19
Earhart, Amelia Jul 24th 1897Jan 5th 1939Cenotaph, Portal of the Folded Wings
Firestone, Eddie Dec 11th 1920Mar 1st 2007Valhalla Cemetery
George, Gorgeous Mar 24th 1915Dec 26th 1963Block J, Section 9370, Lot 4
Gordon, Mary May 16th 1882Aug 23rd 1963Block A, Section 333, Lot 5
Hardy, Lucille Apr 23rd 1909Oct 8th 1986Garden of Hope
Hardy, Oliver Jan 18th 1892Aug 7th 1957Garden of Hope, Lot 48
Murray, Mae May 10th 1889Mar 23rd 1965Block G, Section 6328, Lot 6
White, Alice Aug 25th 1904Feb 19th 1983Pierce Bros. Valhalla Cemetery, North Hollywood California