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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Ahn, Phillip Mar 29th 1905Feb 28th 1978Courts of Remembrance, Crypt 1107
Allen, Steve Dec 26th 1921Oct 30th 2000Court of Liberty, Lot 1725, Space 3
Ames, Leon Jan 20th 1902Oct 12th 1993Columbarium of Valor, niche G64443
Amsterdam, Morey Dec 14th 1908Oct 27th 1996Court of Remembrance, C-3632
Anderson, Mignon Mar 31st 1892Feb 25th 1983Vale of Peace, L-5199, G-2
Arliss, Dimitra Oct 23rd 1932Jan 26th 2012Court of Valor, Lot 5584
Autry, Gene Sep 29th 1907Oct 2nd 1998Sheltering Hills section, Grave #1048
Avalos, Luis Sep 2nd 0196Jan 22nd 2014
Avery, Tex Feb 26th 1908Aug 26th 1980Gentleness, L-833
Berry, Fred Mar 19th 1951Oct 21st 2003Tribute Section, Lot 1015, Grave 4 [unmarked]
Bosley, Tom Oct 1st 1927Oct 19th 2010God's Acre, 1738, space 4
Brian, Mary Feb 17th 1906Dec 30th 2002Eternal Love, Lot 4134, Space 2
Buchanan, Edgar Mar 20th 1903Apr 4th 1979Morning Light Section, Plot #7780
Burnette, Smiley Mar 18th 1911Feb 16th 1967Sheltering Hills, #266
Cambridge, Godfrey Feb 26th 1933Nov 29th 1976Murmuring Trees, Block 5443
Carpenter, Johnny Jun 25th 1914Feb 27th 2003
Carradine, David Dec 8th 1936Jun 3rd 2009Lincoln Terrace, Lot 5144, Space 1
Chase, Borden Jan 11th 1900Mar 1st 1971Garden of Haritage, crypt 960
Clair, Ethlyne Nov 23rd 1904Feb 27th 1996Homeward, Lot 3950, space 2
Conrad, William Sep 27th 1920Feb 11th 1994Lincoln Terrace plot 4448
Convy, Bert Jul 23rd 1933Jul 15th 1991Court of Liberty, Left of Washington statue
Couch, Bill Sep 3rd 1926Feb 25th 1999Court of Valor, L-5083 G-1
Crosby, Gary Jun 27th 1933Aug 24th 1995Blessed Assurance, Lot 1582, Space 3
Crothers, Scatman Mar 23rd 1910Nov 22nd 1986Lincoln Terrace Plot 4545
Davis, Bette Apr 5th 1908Oct 6th 1989Mausoleum, outside main east entrance.
Davis, Brad Nov 6th 1949Sep 8th 1991Court of Remembrance/Columbarium of Valor, G64054
Day, Laraine Oct 13th 1920Nov 10th 2007Revelation, Lot 3310, Space 4
Dee, Sandra Apr 23rd 1942Feb 20th 2005Courts of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, wall crypt 3739
Dio, Ronnie James Jul 10th 1942May 16th 2010Courts of Remembrance, Three Children sarcophagus
Disney, Roy Jun 24th 1893Dec 20th 1971Sheltering Hills 125
Dmytryk, Edward Sep 4th 1908Jul 1st 1999Murmuring Trees, Lot 3585, Space 4
Duncan, Michael Clarke Dec 10th 1957Sep 3rd 2012Sanctuary of Treasured Love, Crypt 2949
Duryea, Dan Jan 23rd 1907Jun 7th 1968Morning Light, L-7383
Feldman, Marty Jul 8th 1933Dec 2nd 1982Garden of Heritage, lot 5420
Fisher, Carrie Oct 21st 1956Dec 27th 2016
Franklin, Melvin Oct 12th 1942Feb 23rd 1995Courts of Remembrance, C-3571, outer south-east wall.
Funicello, Annette Oct 22nd 1942Apr 8th 2013Allegedly Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
Gibb, Andy Mar 5th 1958Mar 10th 1988Court of Remembrance, 2534
Hall, Jon Feb 26th 1915Dec 13th 1979Court of Valor, Lot 5568, Grave 1
Hannah, Jack Jan 5th 1913Jun 11th 1994Murmuring Trees, L-6112, G-2
Harbaugh, Carl Nov 10th 1886Feb 26th 1960Eternal Love, L-3497, G-3
Hayes, Gabby May 7th 1885Feb 9th 1969Hillside, lot 4972
Heidt, Horace May 21st 1901Dec 1st 1986Murmuring Trees
Henderson, Florence Feb 14th 1934Nov 24th 2016
Hendrix, Wanda Nov 3rd 1928Feb 1st 1981Court of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Light, Crypt 4349
Huffman, David May 10th 1945Feb 27th 1985Churchyard, Lot 4560, Grave 3
Hutchence, Michael Jan 22nd 1960Nov 22nd 1997Eternal Love, Lot 4648, Space 3
Joslyn, Allyn Jul 21st 1901Jan 21st 1981Eternal Love, Lot 4509, Space 1
Kane, Bob Oct 24th 1915Nov 3rd 1998Court of Liberty, Lot #1310
Keaton, Buster Oct 4th 1895Feb 1st 1966George Washington Section, Court of Valor, Lot 5512
Kelly, Orry Dec 31st 1897Feb 27th 1964Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Remembrance N-60282
Kovacs, Ernie Jan 23rd 1919Jan 13th 1962Rememberance
Lamour, Dorothy Dec 10th 1914Sep 22nd 1996Enduring Faith, lot 387, space 2
Laughton, Charles Jul 1st 1899Dec 15th 1962Court of Remembrance, C-310
Laurel, Stan Jun 16th 1890Feb 23rd 1965George Washington Section, 2nd Terrace, 910
Liberace, Lee May 16th 1919Feb 4th 1987Court of Remembrance
Main, Marjorie Feb 24th 1890Apr 10th 1975Enduring Faith, Lot 2083
Marks, Franklyn May 31st 1911Jul 12th 1976Court of Remembrance, wall crypt #4232
Mellinger, Max Mar 18th 1906Feb 25th 1968Enduring Faith, L-2664, G-1
Murphy, Brittany Nov 10th 1977Dec 20th 2009Bright Eternity, Lot 7402, Grave 1
Nelson, Harriet Jul 18th 1909Oct 2nd 1994Revelation, Lot 3540
Nelson, Ozzie Mar 20th 1906Jun 3rd 1975Revelation, Lot 3540
Nelson, Ricky May 8th 1940Dec 31st 1985Revelation, Lot 3538
Peach, Kenneth Mar 6th 1903Feb 27th 1988Lincoln Terrace, L-4597, G-3
Petrie, George Nov 16th 1912Nov 16th 1997Lincoln Terrace, L-4445
Prinze, Freddie Jun 22nd 1954Jan 29th 1977Court of Remembrance/Sanctuary of Light, 2355
Raft, George Sep 26th 1895Nov 24th 1980Court of Remembrance/Sanctuary of Light, #2356
Rawls, Lou Dec 1st 1933Jan 6th 2006Courts of Remembrance section, Wall Elevation 9A, Wall Crypt 3186
Reynolds, Debbie Apr 1st 1932Dec 28th 2016
Ritter, John Sep 17th 1948Sep 11th 2003Court of Liberty, Lot 1622
Sanford, Isabel Aug 29th 1917Jul 9th 2004Courts of Remembrance
Savalas, Telly Jan 21st 1922Jan 22nd 1994Court of Liberty Lot 1281
Steiger, Rod Apr 14th 1925Jul 9th 2002Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Providence
Sylvester, John Nov 3rd 1903Mar 1st 1995Enduring Faith, L-3972, space 3 (unmarked)
Taylor, Rod Jan 11th 1930Jan 7th 2015
Walker, Paul Sep 12th 1973Nov 30th 2013Court of Liberty, Gardens of Heritage, Lot 393
Webb, Jack Apr 2nd 1920Dec 23rd 1982Sheltering Hills, Lot 1999
Wilson, Dick Jul 30th 1916Nov 19th 2007Enduring Faith, Lot 822, Space 1