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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
, Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001
, Chyna Dec 27th 1969Apr 20th 2016
, Vanity Jan 4th 1959Feb 15th 2016
Abbaddo, Anthony Sep 14th 1960Oct 18th 2016
Abbott, Norman Jul 11th 1922Jul 9th 2016
Aherne, Caroline Dec 24th 1963Jul 2nd 2016
Alaskey, Joe Apr 17th 1952Feb 3rd 2016
Albee, Edward Mar 12th 1928Sep 16th 2016
Alexander, Jean Oct 11th 1926Oct 14th 2016
Alexander, Max Aug 20th 1953Nov 2nd 2016
Ali, Muhammed Jan 17th 1942Jun 3rd 2016Cave Hill Cemetery
Ameche, Don May 31st 1908Dec 6th 1993Resurrection Catholic Cemetery Dubuque, IA
Ames, Robert Mar 23rd 1889Nov 27th 1931Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford CT
Anderson, Arthur Aug 29th 1922Apr 9th 2016
Applegate, Eddie Oct 4th 1935Oct 17th 2016
Arlen, Alice Nov 6th 1940Feb 29th 2016
Armitage, Frank Aug 5th 1924Jan 4th 2016
Armstrong, Louis Aug 4th 1901Jul 6th 1971Flushing Cemetery Flushing, NY
Arquette, Alexis Jul 28th 1969Sep 11th 2016
Astredo, Humberto Allen Apr 4th 1929Feb 19th 2016
Atkins, Coral Sep 13th 1936Dec 2nd 2016
Attenborough, Richard Aug 29th 1923Aug 24th 2014
Bacall, Lauren Sep 16th 1924Aug 12th 2014
Baker, Kenny Aug 24th 1934Aug 13th 2016
Ball, Lucille Aug 6th 1911Apr 26th 1989Lake View Cemetery Jamestown, NY
Balser, Robert Mar 25th 1927Jan 4th 2016
Banks Stewart, Robert Jul 16th 1931Jan 14th 2016
Barcroft, Roy Sep 7th 1902Nov 28th 1969Donated his body to science.
Barrie, Wendy Apr 18th 1912Feb 2nd 1978Kensico Cemetery Valhalla, NY
Barry, Joan Nov 5th 1903Apr 10th 1989Unknown
Bayler, Terence Jan 24th 1930Aug 2nd 2016
Bedford, Brian Feb 16th 1935Jan 13th 2016
Bellaver, Harry Feb 12th 1905Aug 8th 1993Body donated to medical science.
Belushi, John Jan 24th 1949Mar 5th 1982Abel's Hill Cemetery Chilmark, Mass.
Benchley, Robert Sep 15th 1889Nov 21st 1945Prospect Hill Cemetery, Nantucket, MA
Benedict, Paul Sep 17th 1938Dec 1st 2008Unknown
Benji, May 5th 1979Jul 4th 1988Beresford, SD
Bennett, Barbara Allyne Jan 1st 1939Jan 9th 2016
Bergen, Eric Apr 27th 1954Jul 14th 2016
Bergman, Ingrid Aug 29th 1915Aug 30th 1982Norra begravningsplatsen Stockholm, Sweden Section Kv 11F, grave 228 -11573
Berkeley, Busby Nov 29th 1895Mar 14th 1976Desert Memorial Park Cathedral City, Ca Section A-14 # 74
Bernhard, Harvey Mar 5th 1924Jan 16th 2014Unknown
Berry, Patricia Nov 16th 1922Oct 11th 2016
Bessie, Alvah Jun 4th 1904Jul 21st 1985Body donated to science.
Bluett, Lennie Jan 1st 2016Jan 21st 1919Unknown
Blye, Margaret Oct 24th 1939Mar 24th 2016
Bonfils, Khan Jan 1st 1972Jan 5th 2015
Bono, Sonny Feb 16th 1935Jan 5th 1998Desert Memorial Park, Cathedral City, Ca Plot B-35 #294
Borge, Victor Jan 3rd 1909Dec 23rd 2000Putnam Cemetery Greenwich, CT
Bowers, John Dec 25th 1885Nov 17th 1936Crown Hill Cemetery, Crown Hill Indiana
Bradford, Richard Nov 10th 1934Mar 22nd 2016
Brando, Christian May 11th 1958Jan 26th 2008Kalama I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Kalama, Wa
Brenner, David Feb 4th 1936Mar 15th 2014
Brown, Peter Oct 5th 1935Mar 21st 2016
Bruce, Lenny Oct 13th 1925Aug 3rd 1966Mount Nebo,section 298-C
Burns, Peter Aug 5th 1959Oct 23rd 2016
Burton, Tony Mar 23rd 1937Feb 25th 2016
Byington, Spring Oct 17th 1886Sep 7th 1971Donated her body to science.
Cagney, James Jul 17th 1899Mar 30th 1986Gate of Heaven Cemetery Hawthorne, NY
Calfa, Don Dec 3rd 1939Dec 1st 2016
Capra, Frank May 18th 1897Sep 3rd 1991Coachella Valley Public Cemetery, Coachella, California Lot 289, Unit 8, Block 77
Carney, Art Nov 4th 1918Nov 9th 2003Riverside Cemetery, Old Saybrook, Conneticut
Carpenter, Cliff Mar 2nd 1915Jan 9th 2014Unknown
Carr, Charmaine Dec 27th 1942Sep 17th 2016
Carradine, John Feb 5th 1906Nov 27th 1988Burial at Sea
Carroll, James Dec 20th 1955Apr 27th 2016
Carroll, Joan Jan 18th 1931Nov 16th 2016
Carson, John Feb 28th 1927Nov 5th 2016
Carter, Dixie May 25th 1939Apr 10th 2010McLemoresville Cemetery, TN
Carter, Myra Oct 27th 1929Jan 9th 2016
Cassidy, Jack Mar 5th 1927Dec 12th 1976Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Castro, Tonita Jan 1st 1953May 8th 2016
Chaney Jr., Lon Feb 10th 1906Jul 12th 1973Body donated to science.
Chaplin, Charlie Apr 16th 1889Dec 25th 1977Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Chaplin, Oona May 13th 1926Sep 27th 1991Corsier Cemetery Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Charles, Annette Mar 5th 1948Aug 5th 2011Unknown at this time
Chhaya, Honey Jan 1st 1930Feb 28th 2016
Cimino, Michael Feb 3rd 1939Jul 2nd 2016
Citti, Franco Apr 23rd 1935Jan 14th 2016
Claire, Ina Oct 15th 1893Feb 21st 1985Mount Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT
Clark, Jim May 24th 1931Feb 25th 2016
Clarke, Arthur Dec 16th 1917Mar 19th 2008Colombo’s General Cemetery
Clooney, Rosemary May 23rd 1928Jun 29th 2002Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Maysville, KY
Cochran, Eddie Oct 3rd 1938Apr 17th 1960Forest Lawn, Cypress Ca
Coco, James Mar 21st 1930Feb 25th 1987St. Gertrude's Roman Catholic Cemetery Colonia, NJ
Colasanto, Nick Jan 19th 1924Feb 12th 1985Saint Anns Cemetery Cranston, Rhode Island
Colbert, Claudette Sep 13th 1903Jul 30th 1996Parish of St. Peter Cemetery , Barbados
Colcord, Ray Dec 24th 1949Feb 5th 2016
Cole, Lester Jun 19th 1904Aug 15th 1985The disposition of Lester body is unknown. Please email with an update.
Comi, Paul Feb 11th 1932Aug 26th 2016
Como, Perry May 18th 1912May 12th 2001Riverside Memorial park in Palm Beach Florida
Connell, Gordon Mar 19th 1923Jun 12th 2016
Conroy, Pat Oct 26th 1945Mar 4th 2016
Cooper, Gary May 7th 1901May 13th 1961Sacred Heart Cemetery, Southhampton, New York
Corcoran, Noreen Oct 20th 1943Jan 15th 2016
Corri, Adrienne Nov 13th 1930Mar 13th 2016
Crawford, Joan Mar 23rd 1905May 10th 1977Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, New York Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove E, Crypt 42
Crawford, Wayne Jan 1st 1947Apr 30th 2016
Crichton, Michael Oct 23rd 1942Nov 4th 2008Unknown
Croker, Clay Martin Jan 10th 1962Sep 17th 2016
Cronkite, Walter Nov 4th 1916Jul 17th 2009Mount Moriah Cemetery Kansas City Missouri
Curran, Kevin Feb 27th 1959Oct 25th 2016
Curtis, Tony Jun 3rd 1925Sep 29th 2010Legacy, Space PG10, Row 3
Daly, James Oct 23rd 1918Jul 3rd 1978Body buried at sea
Damita, Lili Jul 10th 1904Mar 21st 1994Oakland Cemetery Fort Dodge, IA Loomis family plot
Daniel, Rod Aug 4th 1942Apr 16th 2016
Daniely, Lisa Jun 4th 1929Jan 24th 2014
Darnell, Linda Oct 16th 1923Apr 10th 1965Union Hill Cemetery Kennett Square, PA
Darrin, Bobby May 14th 1936Dec 20th 1973Body donated to science.
Davalos, Richard Nov 5th 1930Mar 8th 2016
Davis, Ann B. May 3rd 1926Jun 1st 2014
Dean, James Feb 8th 1931Sep 30th 1955Park Cemetery Fairmount, Indiana
DeHaven, Gloria Jul 23rd 1925Jul 30th 2016
Del Rio, Dolores Aug 3rd 1905Apr 11th 1983Panteon Civil De Dolores, Mexico
Dennis, Sandy Apr 27th 1937Mar 2nd 1992Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln NB Mauseleum Number 3, Wall A, Col. 1C
Derr, Richard Jun 15th 1918May 8th 1992Body donated to science
Dietrich, Marlene Dec 27th 1901May 6th 1992Friedhof III Berlin-Friedenau, Germany
Dodson, Mary Sep 24th 1932Feb 15th 2016
Douglas, Donna Sep 26th 1933Jan 2nd 2015
Douglas, Donna Sep 26th 1932Jan 1st 2015Bluff Creek Cemetery
Douglas, Hazel Nov 2nd 1923Sep 8th 2016
Douglas, James May 20th 1929Mar 5th 2016
Drake, Larry Feb 21st 1949Mar 17th 2016
Drummond, Alice May 21st 1928Nov 30th 2016
Dubin, Gary May 5th 1959Oct 8th 2016
Duke, Patty Dec 14th 1946Mar 26th 2016
Duncan, Johnny Dec 7th 1923Feb 8th 2016
Duncan, Lois Apr 28th 1934Jun 15th 2016
Durning, Charles Feb 28th 1923Dec 24th 2012Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Eagels, Jeanne Jun 26th 1890Oct 3rd 1929Forest Hills Cemetery, Kansas City, Miss. Near the Columbus Memorial, and just west of crime boss Tom Pendergast
Ealey, Kristian John Jan 1st 1977May 2nd 2016
Earp, Wyatt Mar 19th 1848Jan 13th 1929Hills of Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California
Easterday, Kenny Dec 11th 1973Feb 12th 2016
Edwards, Ronnie Claire Feb 9th 1933Jun 14th 2016
Emery, Ann Mar 12th 1930Sep 28th 2016
English, Patricia Nov 30th -0001Aug 13th 2016
Entwistle, John Oct 9th 1944Jun 27th 2002Saint Edward's Church Stow-on-the-Wold Gloucester, England
Entwistle, Peg Feb 5th 1908Sep 18th 1932Oakhill Cemetery, Glendale OH
Evans, Dale Oct 31st 1912Feb 7th 2001Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Apple Valley, California
Farley, Chris Feb 15th 1964Dec 18th 1997Resurrection Cemetery Madison, Wis.
Farmer, Frances Sep 19th 1913Aug 1st 1970Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery Fishers, IN
Farmer, Mark May 22nd 1962Apr 26th 2016
Farrell, Charles Aug 9th 1901May 6th 1990Welwood Murray Cemetery Palm Springs California Section 10-3, Lot F
Faye, Alice May 5th 1915May 9th 1998Forest Lawn Cathedral City
Fernandez, Abel Jul 14th 1930May 3rd 2016
Fiander, Lewis Jan 12th 1938May 24th 2016
Finkel, Fyvush Oct 9th 1922Aug 14th 2016
Finlay, Frank Aug 6th 1926Jan 30th 2016
Fisher, Carrie Oct 21st 1956Dec 27th 2016
Fleishaker, Joe Jan 1st 1954May 23rd 2016
Ford, Ernie Feb 13th 1919Oct 17th 1991Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, California Lot 242 Sub 1, urn Garden
Forsythe, John Jan 29th 1918Apr 1st 2010Oakhill Cemetery, Santa Barbara
Fox, Bernard May 11th 1927Dec 14th 2016
Foxx, Redd Dec 9th 1922Oct 11th 1991Palm Valley View Memorial Park Las Vegas, Nevada
Franciosa, Anthony Oct 25th 1928Jan 19th 2006Unknown
Frey, Glen Nov 6th 1948Jan 18th 2016
Gaba, Marianne Nov 13th 1939May 3rd 2016
Galeota, Michael Aug 28th 1984Jan 10th 2016
Gallagher, Bernard Sep 26th 1929Nov 27th 2016
Gam, Rita Apr 2nd 1927Mar 22nd 2016
Garbo, Greta Sep 18th 1905Apr 15th 1990Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) Stockholms län, Sweden
Gardner, Ava Dec 24th 1922Jan 25th 1990Sunset Memorial Park Smithfield, North Carolina
Garfield, John Mar 4th 1913May 21st 1952Westchester Hills Cemetery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Garland, Judy Jun 10th 1922Jun 22nd 1969Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum Hartsdale, NY
Garrett, Patsy May 4th 1921Jan 8th 2015Forest Lawn Cathedral City
Garson, Greer Sep 29th 1904Apr 6th 1996Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas TX
Gaunt, Valerie Jul 9th 1932Nov 27th 2016
Gaye, Lisa Mar 6th 1935Jul 14th 2016
Gaynes, George May 3rd 1917Feb 15th 2016
Geer, Will Mar 9th 1902Apr 22nd 1978Topanga Los Angeles County
Gerson, Dan Aug 1st 1966Feb 6th 2016
Ghostly, Alice Aug 14th 1926Sep 21st 2007Unknown
Gibb, Robin Dec 22nd 1949May 20th 2012St Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire England
Gibbs, Antony Oct 17th 1925Feb 26th 2016
Gillespie, Dizzy Oct 21st 1917Jan 6th 1993Flushing Cemetery Flushing, NY Unmarked next to his mother.
Gish, Lillian Oct 14th 1893Feb 27th 1993Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Manhattan New York
Glass, Ron Jul 10th 1945Nov 25th 2016Rose Hills Cemetery
Glass, Seamon Sep 26th 1925Jul 12th 2016
Gleason, Jackie Feb 26th 1916Jun 24th 1987Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery Miami, FL
Gregg, Julie Jan 24th 1937Nov 7th 2016
Grieve, Ken Mar 31st 1942Nov 15th 2016
Griffith, Andy Jun 1st 1926Jul 3rd 2012Griffith Family Cemetery in Manteo
Grimes, Tammy Jan 30th 1934Oct 30th 2016
Guilbert, Ann Morgan Oct 16th 1928Jun 14th 2016
Gutowski, Gene Jul 26th 1925May 10th 2016
Gwynne, Fred Jul 10th 1926Jul 2nd 1993Sandymount Methodist Church Churchyard Sandyville, MD
Haggard, Merle Apr 6th 1937Apr 6th 2016
Haggerty, Dan Nov 19th 1942Jan 15th 2016
Haim, Corey Dec 23rd 1971Mar 10th 2010Pardes Shalom Cemetery ,Ontario Canada
Haines, Donald May 9th 1919Feb 20th 1943Body lost or never recovered
Hall, Huntz Aug 15th 1919Jan 30th 1999All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena Columbarium
Hamilton, Guy Sep 16th 1922Apr 20th 2016
Hamner Jr., Earl Jul 10th 1923Nov 30th -0001
Hanson, Curtis Mar 24th 1945Sep 20th 2016
Hardy, Robin Oct 2nd 1929Jul 1st 2016
Harrington Jr., Pat Aug 13th 1929Jan 6th 2016
Harris, Phil Jun 24th 1904Aug 11th 1995Palm Springs Mausoleum, West Wall 2d SSBB
Harris, Ricky Jan 1st 1962Dec 26th 2016
Harvey, Paul Sep 4th 1918Feb 28th 2009Forest Home cemetery, Illinois
Haskell, Jimmie Nov 7th 1936Feb 24th 2016
Haydn, Richard Mar 10th 1905Apr 25th 1985Body donated to Medical Science
Hayes, Isaac Aug 20th 1942Aug 10th 2008Memorial Park cemetery, Memphis TN
Hayward, Susan Jun 30th 1917Mar 14th 1975Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery Carrollton, GA
Haze, William Jun 18th 1966Feb 11th 2016
Hearst, Willam Apr 29th 1863Aug 14th 1951Corner of Sections E and H
Hegyes, Robert May 7th 1951Jan 26th 2012Unknown at this time
Hemsley, Sherman Feb 1st 1938Jul 24th 2012Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso, TX
Henderson, Bill Mar 19th 1926Apr 3rd 2016
Henley, Drew Jan 1st 1940Feb 14th 2016
Hepburn, Audrey May 4th 1929Jan 20th 1993Tolochenaz Cemetery Vaud, Switzerland
Hepburn, Katharine May 12th 1907Jun 29th 2003Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford CT Section 10
Herr, Michael Apr 13th 1930Jun 23rd 2016
Hicks, Bill Dec 16th 1961Feb 26th 1994Leakesville, Mississippi
Hill, Benny Jan 21st 1924Apr 20th 1992Hollybrook Cemetery Shirley, Southhampton, England
Hill, George Dec 20th 1921Dec 27th 2002Unknown
Hill, Gilbert Nov 6th 1931Feb 29th 2016
Hill, Steven Feb 24th 1922Aug 23rd 2016
Hill, Virginia Aug 26th 1916Mar 24th 1966Aigen Cemetery, Salzburg Austria
Hiller, Arthur Nov 22nd 1923Aug 17th 2016
Holiday, Billie Apr 7th 1915Jul 17th 1959Saint Raymonds Cemetery Bronx, NY
Holly, Buddy Sep 7th 1936Feb 3rd 1959City of Lubbock Cemetery Lubbock, TX
Holmes, Odetta Dec 31st 1930Dec 2nd 2008Unknown
Hopkins, Rand Feb 18th 1945Jan 3rd 2005Body donated to medical science
Hopper, Dennis May 17th 1936May 29th 2010Jesus Nazareno Cemetery in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
Hopper, Hedda May 2nd 1885Feb 1st 1966Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier Ca. Section R, Lot 633
Horsley, John Jul 21st 1920Jan 12th 2014Unknown
Horton, Richard Jul 29th 1924Mar 9th 2016
Hoskins, Bob Oct 26th 1942Apr 29th 2014
Hostetter, John Oct 6th 1946Sep 2nd 2016
Houdini, Harry Mar 24th 1874Oct 31st 1926Machpelah Cemetery Ridgewood, NY
Houston, James D. Nov 30th -0001Apr 17th 2009
Houston, Whitney Aug 9th 1963Feb 11th 2012Fairview Cemetery, Union City, NJ
Howard, Ken Mar 28th 1944Mar 23rd 2016
Howard, Leslie Apr 3rd 1893Jun 1st 1943Body was lost at sea after being shot down over the Bay of Biscay.
Huddleston, David Sep 17th 1930Aug 2nd 2016
Hudson, Rock Nov 17th 1925Oct 2nd 1985Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea
Huff, Karina Jan 1st 1961Apr 18th 2016
Huffman, Rosanna Aug 12th 1938May 20th 2016
Hughes, Howard Sep 24th 1905Apr 5th 1976Glenwood Cemetery Houston, TX
Hughes, John Feb 18th 1950Aug 6th 2009Lake Forest Cemetery, Illinois
Hunt, Gordon Apr 26th 1929Dec 17th 2016
Huston, Walter Apr 6th 1884Apr 7th 1950Belmont Memorial Park Fresno Section 8, Plot 702, Grave 2
Hutton, Betty Feb 26th 1921Mar 11th 2007Desert Memorial Park Cathedral City
Hutzel, Gary Nov 4th 1955Mar 1st 2016
Ireland, Dan May 11th 1958Apr 14th 2016
Irving, George S. Nov 1st 1922Dec 26th 2016
Irving, Laurence Oct 11th 1897Oct 23rd 1988Body lost at sea
Jack, Wolfman Jan 21st 1938Jul 1st 1995Smith Family Estate Belvidere, NC
Jackson, Anne Sep 3rd 1925Apr 12th 2016
James, Rick Feb 1st 1948Aug 6th 2004Forest Lawn, Buffalo NY
Jeffries, Fran May 18th 1937Dec 15th 2016
Jenner, Barry Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001
Johnson, Russell Nov 10th 1924Jan 14th 2014
Jones, Carolyn Apr 28th 1930Aug 3rd 1983Melrose Abbey, Anaheim Ca North Patio, 46 gg
Jones, Christopher Aug 18th 1941Jan 31st 2014
Jourdan, Louis Jun 19th 1921Feb 15th 2015
Joyce, Peggy May 26th 1893Jun 12th 1957Cemetery of the Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne New York
Kaplan, Marvin Jan 24th 1927Aug 25th 2016
Karloff, Boris Nov 23rd 1887Feb 2nd 1969Guilford Crematorium Guildford, Surrey, England
Kartalian, Buck Aug 13th 1922May 24th 2016
Kauders, Sylvia Dec 1st 1921May 5th 2016
Kaufman, Andy Jan 17th 1949May 16th 1984Beth David Cemetery Elmont, NY
Kaye, Danny Jan 18th 1913Mar 3rd 1987Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla NY
Keeler, Ruby Aug 25th 1909Feb 28th 1993Holy Sepulcher Cemetery Section N, Tier 21, Grave 46
Kelly, Grace Nov 12th 1929Sep 14th 1982Cathedral of St. Nicholas Monte Carlo, Monaco
Kelly, Tommy Apr 6th 1925Jan 26th 2016
Kennedy, George Feb 18th 1925Feb 28th 2016
Kerr, Deborah Sep 30th 1921Oct 16th 2007Unknown
Kimsey, Todd Jun 6th 1962Sep 16th 2016
Kinison, Sam Dec 8th 1953Apr 10th 1992Memorial Park Cemetery Tulsa, OK
Krane, Jonathan D. May 1st 1952Aug 1st 2016
Kreuger, Kurt Jul 23rd 1916Jul 12th 2006Body Donated to Science
Kulp, Nancy Aug 28th 1921Feb 3rd 1991Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery Mifflintown, PA
Kuralt, Charles Sep 10th 1934Jul 4th 1997Old Chapel Hill Cemetery Chapel Hill, NC
Kwouk, Burt Jul 18th 1930May 24th 2016
Labine, Claire Jun 28th 1934Nov 11th 2016
Lahr, Bert Aug 13th 1895Dec 4th 1967Union Field Cemetery Ridgewood, CT
Lang, Archie Jul 14th 1920Feb 17th 2016
Lardner Jr., Ring Aug 19th 1915Oct 31st 2000Unknown
Lashaway, Nick Mar 24th 1988May 8th 2016
Latessa, Dick Sep 15th 1929Dec 19th 2016
Lazarev, Evgeniy Mar 31st 1937Nov 18th 2016
Leader, Michael Jan 1st 1938Aug 22nd 2016
Lebeau, Madeleine Jun 10th 1923May 1st 2016
Lee, Brandon Feb 1st 1965Mar 31st 1993Lake View Cemetery Seattle, WA
Lee, Bruce Nov 27th 1940Jul 20th 1973Lake View Cemetery Seattle, WA
Lee, Cherylene Jun 1st 1953Mar 18th 2016
Lee, Harper Apr 28th 1926Feb 19th 2016
Lennon, John Oct 9th 1940Dec 8th 1980Unknown, only known by Yoko Ono
Lester, Ron Aug 4th 1970Jun 17th 2016
Lewis, Sagan Jan 1st 1953Aug 7th 2016
Libertini, Richard May 21st 1933Jan 7th 2016
Linkletter, Art Jul 17th 1912May 26th 2010
Lloyd, Euan Dec 6th 1923Jul 2nd 2016
Lloyd-Pack, Roger Feb 8th 1944Jan 15th 2014 Highgate Cemetery
London, Jack Jan 12th 1876Nov 22nd 1916Jack London State Historic Park, Glen Ellen, California
Lucas, William Apr 14th 1945Jul 8th 2016
Luciano, Lucky Nov 24th 1897Jan 26th 1962Saint John Cemetery Middle Village, NY
Mac, Bernie Oct 5th 1957Aug 9th 2008Washington Memory Gardens Cemetery, Cook county Illinois
Madden, Dave Dec 17th 1931Jan 16th 2012
Malloy, Larkin Sep 24th 1954Sep 28th 2016
Maltz, Albert Oct 28th 1908Apr 26th 1985Unknown
Mann, Larry Dec 18th 1922Jan 6th 2014Eden meorial Park, Ca
Mann, Stanley Aug 8th 1928Jan 11th 2016
Mansbridge, John B, Mar 20th 1917Jan 11th 2016
Mansfield, Jayne Apr 19th 1933Jun 29th 1967Fairview Cemetery Pen Argyl, PA
Margulies, David Feb 19th 1937Jan 11th 2016
Marshall, Don May 2nd 1936Oct 30th 2016
Marshall, Sarah May 25th 1933Jan 18th 2014Unknown
Marth, Frank Jul 29th 1922Jan 12th 2014Unknown
Martin, Dick Jan 30th 1922May 24th 2008Burial at Sea
Martinson, Lesie H. Jan 16th 1915Sep 3rd 2016
Marx, Groucho Oct 2nd 1890Aug 19th 1977In a small room in the large outdoor mausoleum in the middle of the cemetery
Mascolo, Joseph Mar 13th 1929Dec 8th 2016
Mason, Margery Sep 27th 1913Jan 26th 2014
Massee, Michael Sep 1st 1952Oct 20th 2016
Masters, Lisa Lynn Jan 1st 1964Nov 15th 2016
Maxwell, Elsa May 24th 1881Nov 1st 1963Ferncliff Cemetery & Mausoleum. Hartsdale, New York Rosewood 2, Grave 1132
Mays, Billy Jul 20th 1958Jun 28th 2009Beth Hamedrash Hagodal Cemetery McKees Rock, PA
McColl, Billy Nov 15th 1951Jan 1st 2014Unknown
McDonough, Edwin Jan 1st 1943Feb 9th 2016
McGrath, Alethea Jun 1st 1920Feb 9th 2016
McGuire, Kim Dec 1st 1955Sep 14th 2016
McMartin, John Aug 21st 1929Jul 6th 2016
Meade, Julia Dec 17th 1925May 16th 2016
Meaney, Kevin Apr 23rd 1956Oct 21st 2016
Mercurio, Micole Mar 10th 1938Jan 19th 2016
Michael, George Jun 25th 1963Dec 25th 2016
Michael, George Jun 25th 1963Dec 25th 2016
Mikels, Ted V. Apr 29th 1929Oct 16th 2016
Miller, Bill Nov 30th 1903Dec 9th 2002Desert Memorial Park, Cathedral City, California Section A32, grave 5
Miller, Julius Sumner May 17th 1909Apr 14th 1987Body donated to science.
Miller, Kristine Jun 13th 1925Feb 4th 2016
Milstead, Harris Oct 19th 1945Mar 7th 1988Prospect Hill Park Cemetery Towson, Maryland
Mineo, Sal Jan 10th 1939Feb 12th 1976Gate of Heaven Cemetery Hawthorne, NY
Minor, Mike Dec 7th 1940Jan 25th 2016
Mitchell, Margaret Nov 8th 1900Aug 16th 1949Oakland Cemetery Atlanta, GA
Montgomery, George Aug 29th 1916Dec 12th 2000Highland Cemetery, Great Falls MO
Moon, Keith Aug 23rd 1946Sep 7th 1978Golders Green Crematorium London, England
Moore, Dudley Apr 19th 1935Mar 27th 2002Hillside Cemetery, Scotch Plains New Jersey
Morgan, Frank Jun 1st 1890Sep 18th 1949Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, NY
Moriceau, Norma Apr 15th 1944Aug 21st 2016
Morris, Anita Mar 14th 1943Mar 2nd 1994Unknown
Morrison, Jim Dec 8th 1943Jul 3rd 1971Cimetière du Père Lachaise Paris, France
Morse, Barry Jun 18th 1918Feb 2nd 2008Body donated to science.
Mundy, Meg Jan 4th 1915Jan 12th 2016
Murnau, F.W. Dec 28th 1888Mar 11th 1931Südwestfriedhof der Berliner Synode Stahnsdorf, Germany
Murphy, Audie Jun 20th 1924May 28th 1971Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, VA
Murray, James Feb 9th 1901Jul 11th 1936Calvary Cemetery, Woodside New York Section 21, Range 6, Plot 4
Naegele, Robert Jun 23rd 1925Jan 9th 2016
Napolitano, Joe Nov 22nd 1948Jul 23rd 2016
Neill, Noel Nov 25th 1920Jul 3rd 2016
Nielsen, Leslie Feb 11th 1926Nov 28th 2010Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nimerfro, Scott Jul 12th 1961Apr 17th 2016
Nisbet, Stuart Jan 17th 1934Jun 23rd 2016
Nixon, Agnes Dec 10th 1922Sep 28th 2016
Nixon, Marni Feb 22nd 1930Jul 24th 2016
Noble, James Mar 5th 1922Mar 28th 2016
Nodella, Burt May 6th 1924Feb 23rd 2016
Noxon, Nicolas Jul 29th 1936May 3rd 2016
Nunn, Bill Oct 20th 1953Sep 24th 2016
O'Brian, Hugh Apr 19th 1925Sep 5th 2016
Odom, George T. Aug 21st 1950Sep 21st 2016
Olsen, Merlin Sep 15th 1940Mar 11th 2010San Gabriel Cemetery
Ornitz, Samuel Nov 15th 1890Mar 10th 1957Unknown
Owens, Buck Aug 12th 1929Mar 25th 2006Greenlawn Southwest Cemetery, Bakersfield California Large private family mausoleum
Owens, Gary May 10th 1936Feb 12th 2015
Palillo, Ron Apr 2nd 1949Aug 14th 2012St. Lawrence Cemetery, New Haven, CT
Parker, Fess Aug 16th 1924Mar 18th 2010Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, Ca
Parrondo, Gil Jun 17th 1921Dec 24th 2016
Paton, Angela Jan 11th 1930May 26th 2016
Patterson, Janet Aug 12th 1956Oct 21st 2016
Peck, Ed Mar 26th 1917Sep 12th 1992Body Donated to Medical Science.
Peck, Gregory Apr 5th 1916Jun 12th 2003Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, Los Angeles California Mausoleum
Percival, Lance Jul 26th 1933Jan 6th 2015
Perry, Jimmy Sep 9th 1923Oct 23rd 2016
Phillips, Conrad Apr 13th 1925Jan 13th 2016
Phillips, John Aug 30th 1935Mar 18th 2001Forest Lawn Cathedral City, California
Pigeon, Walter Sep 23rd 1897Sep 25th 1984Body Donated to Medical Science.
Plowright, Louise Jun 1st 1956Mar 1st 2016
Polito, Jon Dec 29th 1950Sep 1st 2016
Pollock, Robert Mar 29th 1917Jul 11th 2016
Powell, William Jul 29th 1892Mar 5th 1984B-10, #20
Presley, Elvis Jan 8th 1935Aug 16th 1977Graceland Estate, Memphis TN
Pringle, Aileen Jul 23rd 1895Dec 16th 1989Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx New York
Pyle, Willis Sep 3rd 1914Jun 2nd 2016
Quinn, Anthony Apr 21st 1915Jun 3rd 2001Anthony Quinn is interred on the family estate in Bristol County Rhode Island
Quinn, Tom Apr 28th 1934Jan 5th 2014Unknown
Radner, Gilda Jun 28th 1946May 20th 1989Long Ridge Union Cemetery Stamford, CT
Ramis, Harold Nov 21st 1944Feb 24th 2014
Ramond, Harald Jun 10th 1916Dec 7th 1986Unknown
Reagan, Nancy Jul 6th 1921Mar 6th 2016Reagan Library, Simi Valley Ca
Reagan, Ronald Feb 6th 1911Jun 5th 2004Regan Presidential Library, 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California 93065
Reasoner, Harry Apr 17th 1923Aug 6th 1991Union Cemetery Humboldt, IA
Redgrave, Lynn Mar 8th 1943May 2nd 2010Saint Peter's Episcopal Cemetery, Lithgow NY
Reed, Alan Aug 20th 1907Jun 14th 1977Body Donated to Loma Linda Medical Center
Reed, Robert Oct 19th 1932May 12th 1992Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium Skokie, IL
Reherman, Lee Jul 4th 1966Feb 29th 2016
Rhett, Alicia Feb 1st 1915Jan 4th 2014Saint Philips Episcopal Church Cemetery
Richmond, Bill Dec 19th 1921Jun 4th 2016
Riley, Jack Dec 30th 1935Aug 19th 2016
Rivers, Joan Jun 8th 1933Sep 4th 2014
Roach, Hal Jan 14th 1892Nov 2nd 1992Woodlawn Cemetery Elmira, NY
Roberds, Michael Jan 18th 1964May 15th 2016
Roberts, Pernell May 18th 1928Jan 24th 2010Unknown
Rogers, Charles Aug 13th 1904Apr 21st 1999Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cathedral City California
Rogers, Fred Mar 20th 1928Feb 27th 2003Unity Cemetery Latrobe, PA
Rogers, Roy Nov 5th 1911Jul 6th 1998Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Apple Valley California
Rohde, Kristin Feb 22nd 1964Dec 5th 2016
Rollason, Jon Apr 9th 1931Feb 20th 2016
Rooney, Andy Jan 14th 1919Nov 4th 2011Rensselaerville Cemetery, NY
Rubens, Alma Feb 19th 1897Jan 22nd 1931Ararat Cemetery, Fresno California
Sachs, Andrew Apr 7th 1930Nov 23rd 2016
Safer, Morley Nov 8th 1931May 19th 2016Roselawn Cemetery, Canada
Saldana, Theresa Aug 20th 1954Jun 6th 2016
Sales, Soupy Jan 8th 1926Oct 22nd 2009Unknown
Sander, Ian Nov 22nd 1947May 3rd 2016
Santos, Joe Jun 9th 1931Mar 18th 2016
Schallert, William Jul 6th 1922May 8th 2016
Scheider, Roy Nov 10th 1932Feb 10th 2008Burial at Sea
Scofield, Paul Jan 21st 1922Mar 19th 2008Unknown
Scott, Adrian Feb 6th 1912Dec 25th 1973Unknown
Scott, Tracy Mar 8th 1970Apr 30th 2016
Scrimm, Angus Aug 19th 1926Jan 9th 2016
Sellers, Peter Sep 8th 1925Jul 24th 1980Chapel of Memory Columbarium, England.
Serling, Rod Dec 25th 1924Jun 28th 1975Interlaken Cemetery Interlaken, NY
Shandling, Garry Nov 29th 1949Mar 24th 2016
Shepherd, Richard Jun 4th 1927Jan 14th 2014Unknown
Shermet, Hazel Aug 1st 1920Oct 27th 2016
Sherwood, Madeleine Nov 13th 1922Apr 23rd 2016
Shryack, Dennis Aug 25th 1936Sep 14th 2016
Siedow, Jim Jun 12th 1920Nov 20th 2003Body donated to medical science
Sills, Milton Jan 12th 1882Sep 15th 1930Rosehills Cemetery, Chicago IL Section 111 Lot 38
Sinatra, Frank Dec 12th 1915May 14th 1998B-8, #151
Slocombe, Douglas Feb 10th 1913Feb 22nd 2016
Smith, Anna Nicole Nov 28th 1967Feb 8th 2007Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums Nassau, Bahamas
Smith, Liz Dec 11th 1921Dec 24th 2016
Smyrl, David Sep 12th 1935Mar 22nd 2016
Spielberg, David Mar 6th 1939Jun 1st 2016
St. Claire, Beau Jan 1st 1952Jan 9th 2016
Stacy, James Dec 23rd 1936Sep 9th 2016
Steedman, Trevor May 25th 1954Jun 25th 2016
Steni, Antonella Dec 3rd 1926Jan 18th 2016
Stone, Milburn Jul 5th 1904Jun 12th 1980El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego California
Sullivan, Ed Sep 28th 1901Oct 13th 1974Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum Hartsdale, NY
Summer, Donna Dec 31st 1948May 17th 2012Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Nashville, TN
Sumner, Peter Jan 29th 1942Nov 22nd 2016
Susi, Carol Ann Feb 2nd 1952Nov 11th 2014
Sutherland, Hal Jul 1st 1929Jan 16th 2014Unknown
Swanson, Gloria Mar 27th 1897Apr 4th 1983Episcopal Church of Heavenly Rest, Manhatten NY
Switala, Carole Sep 23rd 1946Jul 9th 2016
Sylbert, Paul Apr 16th 1928Nov 19th 2016
Tarbuck, Barbara Jan 15th 1942Dec 27th 2016
The Pup, Pete Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th 1929
Thesiger, Ernest Jan 15th 1879Jan 14th 1961Brompton Cemetery, West Brompton, Greater London, England
Thicke, Alan Mar 1st 1947Dec 13th 2016Santa Barbar Cemetery
Thomas, Danny Jan 6th 1914Feb 6th 1991Saint Jude Hospital Grounds Memphis, TN
Thomas, Gareth Feb 12th 1945Apr 13th 2016
Thomas, Olive Oct 20th 1894Sep 10th 1920Woodlawn Cemetery, NY Wintergreen section
Thorin, Donald E. Oct 12th 1934Feb 9th 2016
Tim, Tiny Apr 12th 1932Nov 30th 1996Lakewood Cemetery Minneapolis, Minn.
Tinney, Frank Mar 29th 1878Nov 28th 1940
Todd, Thelma Jul 29th 1905Dec 16th 1935Bellevue Cemetery Lawrence, Mass Section 19, L-5548
Toto, Jan 1st 1933Mar 12th 1944Carl Spitz Home
Treves, Frederick Mar 29th 1925Jan 30th 2012
Truglia, Steve Jan 1st 1962Nov 17th 2016
Trumbo, Dalton Dec 9th 1905Sep 10th 1976Body Donated to Science.
Tucker, Jerry Nov 1st 1925Nov 23rd 2016
Turner, Barbara Jul 14th 1936Apr 5th 2016
Valente, Renee Jul 15th 1927Feb 20th 2016
Valli, Virginia Jun 10th 1898Sep 24th 1968Welwood Murray Cemetery, Palm Springs California Section 10-3, Lot F
Vaughn, Peter Apr 4th 1923Dec 6th 2016
Vaughn, Robert Nov 22nd 1932Nov 11th 2016
Velez, Lupe Jul 18th 1908Dec 13th 1944Panteon Civil de Dólores Mexico
Victor, James Jul 27th 1939Jun 20th 2016
Vigoda, Abe Feb 24th 1921Jan 26th 2016
Von Stroheim, Erich Sep 22nd 1885May 12th 1957Maurepas Cemetery, France
Waldo, Janet Feb 4th 1920Jun 12th 2016
Warren, Tony Jul 8th 1937Mar 1st 2016
Watkins, Ian Jan 25th 1940May 18th 2016
Weaver, Fritz Jan 19th 1926Nov 26th 2016
Weissmuller, Johnny Jun 2nd 1904Jan 20th 1984Panteón Valle de la Luz Acapulco
West, Mae Aug 17th 1893Nov 22nd 1980Cypress Hills Cemetery Brooklyn, NY
West, Ray Nov 29th 1925Feb 19th 2016
Whedon, Tom Aug 3rd 1932Mar 23rd 2016
Whitton, Margaret Nov 30th 1949Dec 4th 2016
Widmark, Richard Dec 26th 1914Mar 24th 2008Unknown
Wild, Jack Sep 30th 1952Mar 1st 2003Toddington Parish Cemetery, England
Williams, Bernard Jan 1st 1942Jan 4th 2015
Williams, Spencer Jul 14th 1893Dec 13th 1969Section 209, row Z, space 3
Williams, Van Feb 27th 1934Nov 28th 2016
Wilmer, Douglas Jan 8th 1920Mar 31st 2016
Winter, Jo De Mar 5th 1921Jan 17th 2016
Winters, Jonathan Nov 11th 1925Apr 11th 2013
Woolford, Keo Jan 26th 1967Nov 28th 2016
Wright, Janet Mar 8th 1945Nov 14th 2016
Wright, Martha Mar 23rd 1923Mar 1st 2016
Wright, Richard Jul 28th 1943Sep 14th 2008Unknown
Wyman, Jane Jan 5th 1917Sep 10th 2007Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cathedral City California
Young, Alan Nov 19th 1919May 19th 2016
Zaentz, Saul Feb 28th 1921Jan 3rd 2014Unknown
Zanuck, Richard Dec 13th 1934Jul 13th 2012Unknown at this time
Zapata, Carmen Jul 15th 1927Jan 5th 2014Unknown
Zsigmond, Vilmos Jun 16th 1930Jan 1st 2016
Zukor, Adolph Jan 7th 1873May 10th 1976Temple Israel Cemetery, Hastings on Hudson, New York