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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Acker, Jean Oct 23rd 1893Aug 16th 1978Section N, Plot 542
Allgood, Sara Oct 31st 1879Sep 13th 1950Lawn D, Lot 249, Grave 6
Arlen, Richard Sep 1st 1899Mar 28th 1976T-T57-130
Armetta, Henry Jul 4th 1888Oct 21st 1945Section D, Lot 295
Astor, Mary May 3rd 1906Sep 25th 1987N-L523-5
Bolger, Ray Jan 10th 1904Jan 15th 1987Mausoleum, Block 35, Crypt F2
Boyer, Charles Aug 28th 1899Aug 26th 1978St. Ann Section, 5, L186
Candy, John Oct 31st 1950May 4th 1994Mausoleum Room 7, Crypt B1
Carey, MacDonald Mar 15th 1913Mar 21st 1994Grotto, 19, L196
Castle, Nick Mar 21st 1910Aug 16th 1968St. Ann, Section 2, L187
Catlett, Walter Feb 4th 1889Nov 14th 1960Section S Tier 49 grave 17
Coogan, Jackie Oct 26th 1914Mar 1st 1984F, T56, 47
Crosby, Bing May 2nd 1903Oct 14th 1977Grotto, L-119, space 1.
Crosby, Dixie Nov 4th 1911Nov 1st 1952Grotto Area
Davis, Joan Jun 29th 1907May 22nd 1961Mausoleum, Block 46, Crypt D1
Day, Dennis May 21st 1916Jun 22nd 1988Section W, Tier 53, Grave 37
Desmond, Johnny Nov 14th 1919Sep 6th 1985Section F, Tier 44, Grave 30
DiMaggio, Joe Nov 25th 1914Mar 8th 1999Section I, Row 11 Area 6/7
Dubin, Al Jun 10th 1891Feb 11th 1945Section D, Lot 349, Grave 2
Durante, Jimmy Feb 10th 1893Jan 29th 1980Section F, T96, space 6
Edwards, Vince Jul 9th 1928Mar 11th 1996Section CC, Tier 64, Grave 29
Flynn, Joe Nov 8th 1924Jul 19th 1974Section W, Tier 020, Grave 75
Frann, Mary Feb 27th 1943Sep 23rd 1998CC-T 52 #58
Glass, Gaston Dec 31st 1899Nov 11th 1965Section D, Lot 141, Grave 1
Granville, Bonita Feb 2nd 1923Oct 11th 1988Grotto, Lot 196, 12
Haley, Jack Aug 10th 1898Jun 6th 1979Grotto, L100, 2
Haley Jr., Jack Oct 25th 1933Apr 21st 2001Grotto area
Hansen, Juanita Mar 3rd 1895Sep 26th 1961Section U - Tier 4, Grave 44
Hayes, Allison Mar 6th 1930Feb 27th 1977Mother of Sorrows, Lot 618, section N, grave 1
Hayworth, Rita Oct 17th 1918May 14th 1987Grotto, L196, 6
Hearn, Chick Nov 27th 1916Aug 5th 2002Section F, Tier 64, Grave 42
Hopton, Russell Feb 18th 1900Apr 7th 1945Section D, 299, Grave 6
Iturbi, Jose Nov 28th 1895Jun 28th 1980Mausoleum, Block 16, Crypt E1
Jones, Spike Dec 14th 1911May 1st 1965Mausoleum, Block 70, Crypt A7
Jordan, Jim Nov 16th 1896Apr 1st 1988St. Ann Section
Jordan, Marian Apr 15th 1898Apr 7th 1961St. Ann Section
Kelly, Paul Aug 9th 1899Nov 6th 1956Section D, Lot 61, Grave 2
Lanza, Mario Jan 31st 1921Oct 7th 1959Mausoleum, Block 46, Crypt D-2
Lockhart, Gene Jul 18th 1891Mar 31st 1957Section D, Lot 279, Grave 6
Lockhart, Kathleen Aug 9th 1894Feb 17th 1978Section D, Lot 280, Grave 2
Lugosi, Bela Oct 20th 1882Aug 16th 1956Grotto, L120, 1
MacMurray, Fred Aug 30th 1908Nov 5th 1991Mausoleum, Room 7, Crypt D1
Mannix, Eddie Feb 25th 1891Aug 30th 1963Mausoleum, Block 71, Crypt E1
Mannix, Toni Feb 19th 1906Sep 2nd 1983Mausoleum, Block 71, Crypt E2
Mate, Rudolph Jan 21st 1898Oct 27th 1964Mausoleum, Block 71, Crypt 4D
Meadows, Audrey Feb 8th 1922Feb 3rd 1996Section F, T29, 58
Miller, Ann Apr 12th 1923Jan 22nd 2004Plot: Section F
Monaco, James Jan 13th 1885Oct 16th 1945Section D, Lot 211, Grave 1
Montalban, Ricardo Nov 25th 1920Jan 14th 2009Section EE, Tier 3, Grave 21
O'Brien, Edmund Sep 10th 1915May 9th 1985Section F, T54, 50
O'Brien, Pat Nov 11th 1899Oct 13th 1983Section F, T56, 62
Palance, Virginia Jul 7th 1922Jan 1st 2003Section F, T-42, Grave 56
Parsons, Louella Aug 6th 1881Dec 9th 1972
Pitts, Zasu Jan 3rd 1894Jun 7th 1963'Grotto' Section, Lot 195, Grave 1
Sayre, Jeffrey Dec 3rd 1900Sep 26th 1974Grotto, Lot 187, Grave 5.
Seitz, John F. Jun 23rd 1892Feb 27th 1979Section F, T65, Grave 24
Tate, Sharon Jan 24th 1943Aug 9th 1969Saint Ann's Section, L152, 6
Welk, Lawrence Mar 11th 1903May 17th 1992Y, T9, 110
Whelan, Tim Nov 2nd 1893Aug 12th 1957Section D, Lot 224
Young, Loretta Jan 6th 1913Aug 12th 2000Section F, Tier 65, Grave 49
Young, Polly Ann Oct 25th 1908Jan 21st 1997Section F, T 60, Grave 49