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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Abel, David Dec 15th 1884Nov 12th 1973Columbarium 1st floor Column 7 T-3
Adams, Don Apr 13th 1923Sep 25th 2005Garden of Legends 8, Lot 57, Grave 20
Aitken, Spottiswoode Apr 16th 1868Feb 26th 1933Section 19
Arnheim, Gus Sep 11th 0887Jan 19th 1955Hall of Solomon M-8 #5408
Ayres, Agnes Apr 4th 1898Dec 25th 1940Columbarium Niche 3d, Tier 3 Lower South Wall
Barlatier, Andre Aug 28th 1882Nov 7th 1943Columbarium, First floor, NW wall T-2 N-8
Bauchens, Anne Feb 2nd 1882May 7th 1967Columbarium, NW wall T-2 N-3
Benton, Curtis Aug 26th 1885Sep 13th 1948Columbarium 1st floor, COlumn 2.
Berton, Victor May 7th 1896Dec 26th 1951Columbarium 2nd floor. North Wall t-3 N-10
Beyer, Charles Feb 28th 1893Nov 28th 1953Columbarium, Second Floor, south wall, T-3 N-3
Blanc, Mel May 30th 1908Jul 10th 1989Garden of the Exodus, L-149
Bridgwood, Charlotte Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Columbarium, 2nd floor, top of the stairs left
Carlyle, Jack Jan 5th 1931May 27th 2003Columbarium, second floor
Cartwright, Lynn Feb 27th 1927Jan 2nd 2004Columbarium, Second floor, north wall
Chautard, Emile Nov 30th -0001Apr 24th 1934Columbarium, first floor, Column 5, tier 1
Clarkson, Lana Apr 5th 1962Feb 3rd 2003Columbarium, Second Floor, South wall
Cody, Iron Eyes Apr 3rd 1907Jan 4th 1999Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Memories, crypt 3301, corridor H-4-1
Cohn, Harry Jul 23rd 1891Feb 27th 1958Garden of Legends, Lot 86
Dane, Karl Oct 12th 1886Apr 14th 1934Section 13, plot 303
Daniels, Bebe Jan 14th 1901Mar 16th 1971Chapel columbarium, niche 7-8, tier 3
Davies, Marion Jan 3rd 1897Sep 22nd 1961Garden of Legends, east side of lake
DeMille, Cecil B. Aug 12th 1881Jan 21st 1959Section 8, Lot 50
Eddy, Nelson Jun 29th 1901Mar 6th 1967Garden of Legends, lot 89.
Fairbanks Jr., Douglas Dec 9th 1909May 7th 2000Fairbanks Lawn
Farrell, Vessie Nov 30th -0001Sep 30th 1935Columbarium, First Floor, East Wall T-1 N-17
Finch, Peter Sep 28th 1912Jan 14th 1977Cathedral Mausoleum, corridor A, crypt 1224
Fleming, Victor Feb 23rd 1889Jan 6th 1949Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Refuge #2081
Forman, Tom Feb 22nd 1893Nov 7th 1926Unknown
Fowler, Harry Mar 17th 1884Sep 17th 1954Columbarium, Second Floor, South Wall, T-2, N-2
Gable, William Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Columbarium, First Floor, Column 8, Niche 3 Tier 4`
Gaynor, Janet Oct 6th 1906Sep 14th 1984Garden of Legends Section 8, Lot 193.
Getty, Estelle Jul 25th 1923Jul 22nd 2008Section 14, Row CC, Grave 88
Gilbert, Jody Mar 18th 1916Feb 3rd 1979T building, 2nd floor, corridor T-8-2 #1900
Gordon, Leo Dec 2nd 1922Dec 26th 2000Columbarium, second floor, North wall
Hackett, Joan Mar 1st 1934Oct 8th 1983Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Faith, Crypt 2314, D-3
Harris, Mildred Nov 29th 1901Jul 20th 1944Abbey Of The Psalms, second corridor on the left, top row, #740
Herman, Woody May 16th 1913Oct 29th 1987Columbarium outside Cathedral Mausoleum. Niche 6689, Unit 10
Hood, Darla Nov 8th 1931Jun 13th 1979Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Light
Huston, John Aug 5th 1906Aug 28th 1987Garden of Legends Section 8, lot 6, west side of lake
Jurmann, Walter Oct 12th 1903Jun 17th 1971Section 8, Lot 77, Space 5
Kanin, Michael Feb 1st 1910Mar 12th 1993Beth Olam, 3rd floor,
Kline, Benjamin Jul 11th 1894Jan 7th 1974Beth Olam, Hall M-11 Crypt 5496
Laemmle, Edward Oct 25th 1887Apr 2nd 1937Beth Olam Hall P-Q #136
Lake, Arthur Apr 17th 1905Jan 9th 1987In the Marion Davies Crypt in the Garden of Legends.
LaMarr, Barbara Jul 28th 1896Jan 30th 1926Cathedral Mausoleum, Crypt 1308
Lasky Jr., Jesse Sep 19th 1910Apr 11th 1988Columbarium, second floor, South wall.
Le Saint, Edward Dec 13th 1870Sep 10th 1940Columbarium, first floor, North wall, T-4 N-9
Le Saint, Stella Dec 17th 1881Sep 21st 1948Columbarium, First Floor, North wall, T-4, N-9
Levinson, Nathan Jul 15th 1888Oct 18th 1952Beth Olan Foyer O, T-8 N-7
Lorre, Peter Jun 26th 1904Mar 23rd 1964Cathedral Mausoleum, corridor C, Alcove of Reverence, niche 5, tier 1
Lyon, Ben Feb 6th 1901Mar 22nd 1979Columbarium, Second Floor, North wall N7-8 T-3
Maloney, Leo Nov 30th -0001Nov 2nd 1929Chapel Columbarium, 1st floor, southwest wall, T-5, N-2
Mann, Edward Oct 7th 1922Sep 14th 1995Garden of Legends Section 8, north side of lake.
Mann, Hank May 28th 1887Nov 25th 1971Beth Olam Mausoleum, Corr T-J-I-1 1st floor #7672
Marks, Gertrude Apr 15th 1916Jun 7th 1994Beth Olam Mausoleum, 3rd floor, opposite Harry Ritz
Mayo, Archie Jan 29th 1891Dec 4th 1968Beth Olam Mausoleum, Section S, Crypt 317
McGavin, Darren May 7th 1922Feb 25th 2006Section 7, Lot 203, Grave 14
Michelet, Michel Jul 14th 1894Dec 28th 1995Columbarium, Second Floor, West wall, T-3 N-11
Nolan, Mary Dec 18th 1905Oct 31st 1948Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Hope, Crypt 594
Oliansky, Joel Oct 11th 1935Jul 29th 2002Cathedral Mausoleum
Owen, Seena Nov 14th 1894Aug 15th 1966Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Refuge #21 30
Parrish, Beverly May 10th 1919Feb 27th 1930
Phillips, Dorothy Oct 22nd 1882Mar 1st 1980Secret Gardens, #369
Powell, Eleanor Nov 21st 1912Feb 11th 1982Mausoleum Niche 432 Foyer
Power Jr., Tyrone May 5th 1914Nov 15th 1958Section 8, bench near the water
Prior, Herbert Jul 2nd 1867Oct 3rd 1954Columbarium, Second Floor, West wall, T-6 N-6
Rabb, Luther Sep 7th 1942Jan 21st 2006Columbarium, Second Floor, South wall, T-3 N-9
Renick, Ruth Sep 23rd 1893May 7th 1984Columbarium, Second floor, North wall, T-4
Reynolds, Lynn May 7th 1891Feb 25th 1927Garden of Legends, Lot 104
Riddle, Nelson Jun 1st 1921Oct 6th 1985Beth Olam mausoleum, Niche 702
Ritz, Al Aug 27th 1901Dec 22nd 1965Beth Olam Mausoleum, T-5-4
Ritz, Harry May 22nd 1907Mar 29th 1986Beth Olam Mausoleum
Rooney, Mickey Sep 23rd 1920Apr 6th 2014Cathedral Lake View, Elevation 15, B-1501
Schildkraut, Joseph Mar 22nd 1896Jan 21st 1964Beth Olam Mausoleum
Schildkraut, Rudolph Apr 27th 1862Jul 15th 1930Beth Olam, Section R, Crypt 214
Schwarzwald, Milton Sep 16th 1891Mar 2nd 1950Colonnade, north wall, T-4, N-6
Sedway, Moe Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Beth Olam, Section M-H
Semels, Harry Nov 20th 1889Mar 2nd 1946
Sheridan, Ann Feb 21st 1915Jan 21st 1967Columbarium, Second Floor, East Wall
Siegal, Benjamin Feb 28th 1906Jun 20th 1947Beth Olam Mausoleum, 2nd hallway on right (M2), C-1087.
Talmadge, Norma May 26th 1893Dec 24th 1957Abbey of the Psalms, Shrine of Eternal Love, Talmadge room, corridor G-7.
Taylor, William Desmond Apr 26th 1872Feb 1st 1922Cathedral Mausoleum, Crypt 594
Urecal, Minerva Sep 22nd 1894Feb 26th 1966Abbey of the Psalms, Haven of Serenity, T-3, N-8
Valentino, Rudolph May 6th 1895Aug 23rd 1926Cathedral Mausoleum - Crypt #1205.
Vejar, Harry Apr 24th 1889Mar 1st 1968Section 13, #142
Visaroff, Michael Dec 18th 1892Feb 27th 1951Beth Olam Mausoleum, M-5, #2231
Westmore, Ern Oct 29th 1904Feb 1st 1967Garden of Legends
White, Mae Jul 30th 1885Mar 7th 1967Garden of Legends
Wray, Fay Sep 15th 1907Aug 8th 2004Section 8, Garden of Legends.
Yelchin, Anton Mar 11th 1989Jun 19th 2016