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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Albert, Eddie Apr 22nd 1906May 26th 2005Center Lawn
Alpar, Gitta Feb 5th 1903Feb 17th 1991Mausoleum, Corridor of Memories
Arden, Eve Apr 30th 1908Nov 12th 1990Section D, #81
Ayres, Lewis Dec 28th 1908Dec 30th 1996Center Lawn
Backus, Jim Feb 25th 1913Jul 3rd 1989Center Lawn
Basehart, Richard Aug 31st 1914Sep 17th 1984Center Lawn
Bissell, Whit Oct 25th 1909Mar 5th 1996Sanctuary of Devotion, Niche 65
Boemler, George Mar 5th 1902Jun 11th 1968Sanctuary of Remembrance
Boles, John Oct 28th 1895Feb 27th 1969Sanctuary of Serenity
Brice, Fanny Oct 29th 1891May 29th 1951Rose Garden
Brown, Les Mar 14th 1912Jan 4th 2001Garden of Serenity, wall niche
Bull, Clarence May 22nd 1896Jun 8th 1979Sanctuary of Devotion
Cabot, Sebastian Jul 6th 1918Aug 22nd 1977Center section Urn Garden
Cahn, Sammy Jun 18th 1913Jan 15th 1993Section D, Near Donna Reed
Capote, Truman Sep 30th 1924Aug 25th 1984Mausoleum
Carrere, Edward Oct 13th 1906Dec 19th 1984Santuary of Devotion
Cassavetes, John Dec 9th 1929Feb 3rd 1989Lot 308
Casselman, Kevin Jan 1st 1925Jan 1st 1993Sanctuary of Tenderness
Coburn, James Aug 31st 1928Nov 18th 2002Rose Garden
Conte, Richard Mar 24th 1910Apr 15th 1975Section D, Lot 62
Crane, Bob Jul 13th 1928Jun 29th 1978Section D
Dangerfield, Rodney Nov 22nd 1921Oct 5th 2004Rose Garden
Davis, Marvin Aug 31st 1925Sep 25th 2004garden area
DeFore, Don Aug 25th 1913Dec 22nd 1993Scattered in Rose Garden
Donelson, Lyn Dec 31st 1891Mar 2nd 1966Sanctuary of Love
Dorn, Philip Sep 30th 1905May 9th 1975Santuary of Tranquility
Dunne, Dominique Nov 23rd 1959Nov 4th 1982Section D, L-189
Durant, Will Nov 5th 1885Nov 7th 1981Section D, small urn plaque near the tree bench
Edens, Roger Nov 9th 1905Jul 13th 1970Santuary of Rememberance
Falk, Peter Sep 16th 1927Jun 23rd 2011Rose Garden next to Billy Wilder
Fawcett, Farrah Feb 2nd 1947Jun 25th 2009Rose garden section
Flippen, Jay Mar 6th 1899Feb 3rd 1970Sanctuary of Memories
Francis, Coleman Jan 24th 1919Jan 15th 1973Colubarium of Rememberance
Gabor, Eva Feb 11th 1919Jul 4th 1995Small lawn next to entrance
Gabor, Zsa Zsa Feb 6th 1917Dec 18th 2016
George, Christopher Feb 25th 1929Nov 28th 1983Sanctuary of Tenderness
Gershe, Leonard Jun 10th 1922Mar 9th 2002Sanctuary of Remembrance
Gleason, Paul May 4th 1939May 29th 2006Center lawn, Section D
Gottschalk, Robert Mar 12th 1918Jun 3rd 1982Sanctuary of Tenderness
Griffin, Merv Jul 6th 1925Aug 12th 2007Rose Garden
Harris, Jonathon Nov 6th 1914Nov 3rd 2002Sanctuary of Devotion
Helton, Percy Jan 31st 1894Sep 11th 1971Columbarium of Rememberance
Hunter, Ross May 6th 1920Mar 10th 1996Sanctuary of Memories
Hutton, Jim Mar 31st 1934Jun 2nd 1979Unknown
Ihnat, Steve Aug 7th 1934May 12th 1972Corridor of Memories
Johnson, Nunnally Dec 5th 1897Mar 25th 1977Sanctuary of Tranquility
Keith, Brian Nov 14th 1921Jun 24th 1997Garden of Serenity
Keith, Daisy Jun 26th 1969Apr 16th 1997Garden of Serenity
Kellaway, Cecil Aug 22nd 1893Feb 28th 1973Sanctuary of Rememberance
Kenton, Stan Dec 15th 1911Aug 25th 1979Ashes scattered in the Garden of Roses
King, Louis Jun 28th 1898Sep 7th 1962Sanctuary of Memories
Knotts, Don Jul 21st 1924Feb 24th 2006Small garden plot
Lancaster, Burt Nov 2nd 1913Oct 20th 1994Main lawn urn garden
Landfield, Sidney Apr 20th 1898Jun 20th 1972Sanctuary of Rememberance
Lee, Peggy May 26th 1920Jan 21st 2002Rose Garden
Lemmon, Jack Feb 8th 1925Jun 27th 2001Chapel Garden Estate, B-6
Levant, Oscar Dec 27th 1906Aug 14th 1972Sanutary of Love
Livingston, Jay Mar 28th 1915Oct 17th 2001Sanctuary of Memories
Malden, Karl Mar 22nd 1912Jul 1st 2009Rose Garden
Martin, Dean Jun 7th 1917Dec 25th 1995Sanctuary of Love
Mason, Shirley Jun 6th 1900Jul 27th 1979Sanctuary of Rememberance
Matthau, Walter Oct 1st 1920Jul 1st 2000Chapel Garden Estate
Milestone, Lewis Sep 30th 1895Sep 25th 1980Sanctuary of Tenderness
Miller, Marvin Jul 18th 1913Feb 8th 1985Santuary of Tenderness
Monroe, Marilyn Jun 1st 1926Aug 5th 1962Corridor of Memories, Crypt 24
Moran, Dolores Jan 27th 1924Feb 5th 1982Large southwest urn garden, near the big tree
O'Connor, Carroll Aug 2nd 1924Jun 21st 2001Rose Garden
O'Rourke, Heather Dec 27th 1975Feb 1st 1988Outside Mausoleum first section
Orbison, Roy Apr 23rd 1936Dec 6th 1988Section D, #97 [unmarked]
Page, Betty Apr 22nd 1923Dec 12th 2008Main lawn, Section D
Reed, Donna Jan 27th 1921Jan 14th 1986Section D, #110
Rich, Buddy Sep 30th 1917Apr 2nd 1987Sanctuary of Tranquility
Ripperton, Minnie Nov 8th 1947Jul 12th 1979Section D
Roberts, Doris Nov 4th 1925Apr 17th 2016
Scott, George C. Oct 18th 1927Sep 22nd 1999Private garden
Sheldon, Sidney Feb 11th 1917Jan 30th 2007Sanctuary of Tenderness
Slatzer, Robert Apr 4th 1927Mar 28th 2005Sanctuary of Tranquility
Stack, Robert Jan 13th 1919May 14th 2003Room of Prayer
Stratten, Dorothy Feb 28th 1960Aug 14th 1980Section D, #170
Taylor, Francis Dec 28th 1897Nov 20th 1968Sanctuary of Peace
Taylor, Kent May 11th 1907Apr 11th 1987Sanctuary of Rememberance
Taylor, Sara Aug 21st 1897Sep 11th 1994Sanctuary of Peace
Thomas, William Aug 11th 1903Apr 3rd 1984Sanctuary of Devotion
Torme, Mel Sep 13th 1925Jun 5th 1999Small Lawn next to entrance
Tours, Frank Sep 1st 1877Feb 2nd 1963Memories
Tuttle, Frank Aug 6th 1892Jan 6th 1963Section 105 Grave 2
Von Sternberg, Josef May 29th 1894Dec 22nd 1969Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial park, Los Angeles California
Warren, Harry Dec 24th 1893Sep 22nd 1981Sanctuary of Tenderness
West, Brooks Feb 22nd 1916Feb 7th 1984Section D, #81
Wilde, Cornel Oct 13th 1915Oct 16th 1989Section D Urn Garden
Wilder, Billy Jun 22nd 1906Mar 27th 2002Chapel garden estates
Wilson, Carl Dec 21st 1946Feb 6th 1998Section D
Winters, Darbi Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Corridor of Memories
Wood, Natalie Jul 20th 1938Nov 29th 1981Section D, #60
Zanuck, Darryl Sep 5th 1902Dec 22nd 1979Section D, #173
Zappa, Frank Dec 21st 1940Dec 4th 1993Section D, #100 Unmarked