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Mount Sinai

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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Allen, Irwin Jun 12th 1916Nov 2nd 1991Heritage Mausoleum
Aragon, Art Nov 13th 1927Mar 25th 2008Unknown
Bay, Frances Jan 23rd 1919Sep 15th 2011Garden of the People of the Book, Lot 1062, Space 4
Bernardi, Hershel Oct 20th 1923May 9th 1986Courts of TaNaCH, Crypt 52250
Cesar, Sid Sep 8th 1922Feb 12th 2014
Cobb, Lee Dec 8th 1911Feb 11th 1976Garden of Shemot 1, Lot 421
Elliot, Cass Sep 19th 1941Jul 29th 1974Courts of TaNaCH, Lot 5600, Space 2
Fell, Norman Mar 24th 1924Dec 14th 1998Garden of Heritage, Columbarium of Tradition, Niche 1601A
Fields, Totie May 7th 1927Aug 2nd 1978Gardens of Heritage, Main Level, Crypt 60C
Forrest, Helen Apr 12th 1917Jul 11th 1999Canaan 8 Lot 2291 Space 3
Franklin, Bonnie Jan 6th 1944Mar 1st 2013
Harmon, Larry Jan 2nd 1925Jul 3rd 2008Garden of Hertiage, 6, 49FA
Marshall, Garry Nov 13th 1934Jul 19th 2016
Silvers, Phil May 11th 1911Nov 1st 1985Gardens of Heritage, Lot 1004
Sperber, Wendie Jo Sep 15th 1958Nov 29th 2005Garden of Ramah, R5, Space 3A