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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Abbaddo, Anthony Sep 14th 1960Oct 18th 2016
Abbott, Bud Oct 2nd 1895Apr 24th 1974Cremated, Ashes Scattered at Sea
Abbott, John Jun 5th 1095May 24th 1996Cremated, Ashes returned to family.
Abbott, Norman Jul 11th 1922Jul 9th 2016
Abel, David Dec 15th 1884Nov 12th 1973Columbarium 1st floor Column 7 T-3
Acker, Jean Oct 23rd 1893Aug 16th 1978Section N, Plot 542
Adair, Jean Jun 13th 1873May 11th 1953Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location
Adams, Cecily Feb 6th 1958Mar 3rd 2004Cremated, ashe scattered in Fern Canyon, Redwoods State Park, California
Adams, Don Apr 13th 1923Sep 25th 2005Garden of Legends 8, Lot 57, Grave 20
Adams, Stanley Apr 7th 1915Apr 27th 1977Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea.
Adler, Buddy Jun 22nd 1909Jul 12th 1960Garden of Memory
Aherne, Brian May 2nd 1902Feb 10th 1986Cremated, ashes given to family.
Aherne, Caroline Dec 24th 1963Jul 2nd 2016
Ahn, Phillip Mar 29th 1905Feb 28th 1978Courts of Remembrance, Crypt 1107
Aitken, Spottiswoode Apr 16th 1868Feb 26th 1933Section 19
Akins, Claude May 25th 1926Jan 27th 1994Cremated, Ashes given to family.
Alaskey, Joe Apr 17th 1952Feb 3rd 2016
Albee, Edward Mar 12th 1928Sep 16th 2016
Albert, Eddie Apr 22nd 1906May 26th 2005Center Lawn
Albertson, Jack Jun 16th 1907Nov 25th 1981Creamted, ashes scattered at sea.
Albertson, Mabel Jul 24th 1901Sep 28th 1982Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Alexander, Jean Oct 11th 1926Oct 14th 2016
Alexander, Max Aug 20th 1953Nov 2nd 2016
Alexander, Ross Jul 27th 1907Jan 2nd 1937Sunrise Slope, Lot 292
Ali, Muhammed Jan 17th 1942Jun 3rd 2016Cave Hill Cemetery
Allen, Elizabeth Apr 9th 1908Jul 27th 1990Cremated, ashes given to family
Allen, Gracie Jul 26th 1895Aug 27th 1964Freedom Mausoleum
Allen, Irwin Jun 12th 1916Nov 2nd 1991Heritage Mausoleum
Allen, Rose Mar 31st 1885May 3rd 1977Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Allen, Rusty Mar 10th 1944Nov 1st 2004Cremated, disposition unknown.
Allen, Steve Dec 26th 1921Oct 30th 2000Court of Liberty, Lot 1725, Space 3
Allgood, Sara Oct 31st 1879Sep 13th 1950Lawn D, Lot 249, Grave 6
Allyson, June Oct 7th 1917Jul 8th 2006Cremated, ashes given to family
Alpar, Gitta Feb 5th 1903Feb 17th 1991Mausoleum, Corridor of Memories
Alyn, Kirk Oct 8th 1910Mar 14th 1999Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea.
Ameche, Don May 31st 1908Dec 6th 1993Resurrection Catholic Cemetery Dubuque, IA
Ames, Leon Jan 20th 1902Oct 12th 1993Columbarium of Valor, niche G64443
Ames, Robert Mar 23rd 1889Nov 27th 1931Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford CT
Amsterdam, Morey Dec 14th 1908Oct 27th 1996Court of Remembrance, C-3632
Anders, Karen Jul 30th 1928Jan 18th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.
Anders, Luana May 12th 1938Jul 21st 1996Cremated, ashes given to family.
Anderson, Arthur Aug 29th 1922Apr 9th 2016
Anderson, Bridgette Jul 11th 1975May 18th 1997Cremated, Ashes scattered along Zuma Beach in Malibu.
Anderson, Eddie 'Rochester' Sep 18th 1905Feb 28th 1977Section A, Lot 2504
Anderson, Herbert Mar 30th 1917Jun 11th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.
Anderson, John Oct 20th 1922Aug 7th 1992Cremated, ashes given to family.
Anderson, Judith Feb 10th 1897Jan 3rd 1992Cremated, ashes given to family.
Anderson, Mignon Mar 31st 1892Feb 25th 1983Vale of Peace, L-5199, G-2
Andrews, Dana Jan 1st 1909Dec 17th 1992Cremate, ashes given to family
Andrews, Maxene Jan 3rd 1916Oct 21st 1995Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Memory, niche 20390
Applegate, Eddie Oct 4th 1935Oct 17th 2016
Aragon, Art Nov 13th 1927Mar 25th 2008Unknown
Arbuckle, Roscoe 'Fatty' Mar 24th 1887Jun 29th 1933Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea
Arden, Eve Apr 30th 1908Nov 12th 1990Section D, #81
Arlen, Alice Nov 6th 1940Feb 29th 2016
Arlen, Richard Sep 1st 1899Mar 28th 1976T-T57-130
Arliss, Dimitra Oct 23rd 1932Jan 26th 2012Court of Valor, Lot 5584
Armetta, Henry Jul 4th 1888Oct 21st 1945Section D, Lot 295
Armitage, Frank Aug 5th 1924Jan 4th 2016
Armstrong, Louis Aug 4th 1901Jul 6th 1971Flushing Cemetery Flushing, NY
Arness, James May 26th 1923Jun 3rd 2011Great Mausoleum
Arnez, Desi Mar 2nd 1917Dec 2nd 1986Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Arnheim, Gus Sep 11th 0887Jan 19th 1955Hall of Solomon M-8 #5408
Arquette, Alexis Jul 28th 1969Sep 11th 2016
Arthur, Bea May 13th 1922Apr 25th 2009Cremated, Remains given to family.
Arthur, Jean Oct 17th 1900Jun 19th 1991Cremated, Ashes scattered off of Point Lobos, California
Ashley, John Dec 25th 1934Oct 3rd 1997Cremated, unknown disposition.
Astaire, Fred May 10th 1899Jun 22nd 1987Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth California
Astor, Mary May 3rd 1906Sep 25th 1987N-L523-5
Astredo, Humberto Allen Apr 4th 1929Feb 19th 2016
Ates, Roscoe Jan 20th 1895Mar 1st 1962Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Consecration, Niche #1882
Atkins, Coral Sep 13th 1936Dec 2nd 2016
Attenborough, Richard Aug 29th 1923Aug 24th 2014
Atwater, Barry May 16th 1918May 24th 1978Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Autry, Gene Sep 29th 1907Oct 2nd 1998Sheltering Hills section, Grave #1048
Avalos, Luis Sep 2nd 0196Jan 22nd 2014
Avery, Tex Feb 26th 1908Aug 26th 1980Gentleness, L-833
Ayres, Agnes Apr 4th 1898Dec 25th 1940Columbarium Niche 3d, Tier 3 Lower South Wall
Ayres, Lewis Dec 28th 1908Dec 30th 1996Center Lawn