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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Cabot, Sebastian Jul 6th 1918Aug 22nd 1977Center section Urn Garden
Cagney, James Jul 17th 1899Mar 30th 1986Gate of Heaven Cemetery Hawthorne, NY
Cahn, Sammy Jun 18th 1913Jan 15th 1993Section D, Near Donna Reed
Calfa, Don Dec 3rd 1939Dec 1st 2016
Calhoun, Rory Aug 8th 1922Apr 28th 1999Cremate, Ashes given to family
Cambridge, Godfrey Feb 26th 1933Nov 29th 1976Murmuring Trees, Block 5443
Candy, John Oct 31st 1950May 4th 1994Mausoleum Room 7, Crypt B1
Canova, Judy Nov 20th 1913Aug 5th 1983Garden of Memory, Columbarium of Everlasting Light
Cantor, Eddie Jan 31st 1892Oct 10th 1964Mausoleum, Hall of Graciousness
Capote, Truman Sep 30th 1924Aug 25th 1984Mausoleum
Capra, Frank May 18th 1897Sep 3rd 1991Coachella Valley Public Cemetery, Coachella, California Lot 289, Unit 8, Block 77
Carewe, Arthur Dec 30th 1884Apr 22nd 1937Cremated, location unknown
Carey, MacDonald Mar 15th 1913Mar 21st 1994Grotto, 19, L196
Carlin, George May 12th 1937Jun 22nd 2008Cremated, Ashes scattered
Carlyle, Jack Jan 5th 1931May 27th 2003Columbarium, second floor
Carney, Art Nov 4th 1918Nov 9th 2003Riverside Cemetery, Old Saybrook, Conneticut
Carpenter, Cliff Mar 2nd 1915Jan 9th 2014Unknown
Carpenter, Johnny Jun 25th 1914Feb 27th 2003
Carpenter, Karen Mar 2nd 1950Feb 4th 1983Private Mausoleum
Carr, Allan May 27th 1937Jun 29th 1999Cremated, Ashes Scattered at Sea
Carr, Charmaine Dec 27th 1942Sep 17th 2016
Carradine, David Dec 8th 1936Jun 3rd 2009Lincoln Terrace, Lot 5144, Space 1
Carradine, John Feb 5th 1906Nov 27th 1988Burial at Sea
Carrere, Edward Oct 13th 1906Dec 19th 1984Santuary of Devotion
Carrillo, Leo Aug 6th 1881Sep 10th 1961Section 2
Carroll, James Dec 20th 1955Apr 27th 2016
Carroll, Joan Jan 18th 1931Nov 16th 2016
Carroll, Leo Oct 25th 1886Oct 16th 1972Grand View Memorial Park Glendale, Ca
Carson, John Feb 28th 1927Nov 5th 2016
Carson, Johnny Oct 23rd 1925Jan 23rd 2005Cremated, Ashes given to family
Carter, Dixie May 25th 1939Apr 10th 2010McLemoresville Cemetery, TN
Carter, Myra Oct 27th 1929Jan 9th 2016
Carter, Nell Sep 13th 1948Jan 23rd 2003Acacia KK-740
Cartwright, Lynn Feb 27th 1927Jan 2nd 2004Columbarium, Second floor, north wall
Caruso, Anthony Apr 7th 1916Apr 4th 2003Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Cassavetes, John Dec 9th 1929Feb 3rd 1989Lot 308
Casselman, Kevin Jan 1st 1925Jan 1st 1993Sanctuary of Tenderness
Cassidy, Jack Mar 5th 1927Dec 12th 1976Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Cassidy, Ted Jul 31st 1932Jan 16th 1979Cremated, Ashes Buried in the front lawn of his home
Castle, Nick Mar 21st 1910Aug 16th 1968St. Ann, Section 2, L187
Castle, Roy Aug 31st 1932Sep 2nd 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.
Castro, Tonita Jan 1st 1953May 8th 2016
Catlett, Walter Feb 4th 1889Nov 14th 1960Section S Tier 49 grave 17
Cesar, Sid Sep 8th 1922Feb 12th 2014
Chandler, Jeff Dec 15th 1915Jun 17th 1961Mausoleum, Hall of Graciousness, crypt 4015
Chaney, Lon Apr 1st 1883Aug 26th 1930Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Meditaion, C-6407, unmarked
Chaney Jr., Lon Feb 10th 1906Jul 12th 1973Body donated to science.
Chaplin, Charlie Apr 16th 1889Dec 25th 1977Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Chaplin, Oona May 13th 1926Sep 27th 1991Corsier Cemetery Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Chapman, Ben Oct 29th 1925Feb 21st 2008Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Chapman, Graham Jan 8th 1941Oct 4th 1989Cremated, ashes scattered on Black Lagoon lake @ Universal Studios.
Charisse, Cyd Mar 8th 1921Jun 17th 2008Sunland Gardens Mausoleum, Court of Matriarchs 401
Charles, Annette Mar 5th 1948Aug 5th 2011Unknown at this time
Charles, Ray Sep 23rd 1930Jun 10th 2004Mausoleum of the Golden West, Eternal Love Corridor, Crypt A-32
Chase, Borden Jan 11th 1900Mar 1st 1971Garden of Haritage, crypt 960
Chase, Charlie Oct 20th 1893Jun 20th 1940Sunrise Slope Lot 72, Grave 6
Chasen, Dave Jul 18th 1898Jul 16th 1973Garden of Memory Lawn Crypt 399
Chautard, Emile Nov 30th -0001Apr 24th 1934Columbarium, first floor, Column 5, tier 1
Chhaya, Honey Jan 1st 1930Feb 28th 2016
Christopher, William Oct 20th 1932Dec 31st 2016Cremated, remains given to family
Cimino, Michael Feb 3rd 1939Jul 2nd 2016
Cisar, George Jul 28th 1912Jun 13th 1979Cremated, ashes given to family.
Citti, Franco Apr 23rd 1935Jan 14th 2016
Clair, Ethlyne Nov 23rd 1904Feb 27th 1996Homeward, Lot 3950, space 2
Claire, Ina Oct 15th 1893Feb 21st 1985Mount Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT
Clark, Dick Nov 30th 1929Apr 18th 2012Unknown
Clark, Fred Mar 19th 1914Dec 5th 1968Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Clark, Jim May 24th 1931Feb 25th 2016
Clarke, Arthur Dec 16th 1917Mar 19th 2008Colombo’s General Cemetery
Clarkson, Lana Apr 5th 1962Feb 3rd 2003Columbarium, Second Floor, South wall
Clooney, Rosemary May 23rd 1928Jun 29th 2002Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Maysville, KY
Cobb, Lee Dec 8th 1911Feb 11th 1976Garden of Shemot 1, Lot 421
Coburn, Charles Jun 19th 1877Aug 30th 1961Cremated, ashes scattered in his home state of Georgia.
Coburn, James Aug 31st 1928Nov 18th 2002Rose Garden
Cochran, Eddie Oct 3rd 1938Apr 17th 1960Forest Lawn, Cypress Ca
Coco, James Mar 21st 1930Feb 25th 1987St. Gertrude's Roman Catholic Cemetery Colonia, NJ
Cody, Iron Eyes Apr 3rd 1907Jan 4th 1999Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Memories, crypt 3301, corridor H-4-1
Coffin, Tristam Aug 13th 1909Mar 26th 0199Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location
Cohn, Harry Jul 23rd 1891Feb 27th 1958Garden of Legends, Lot 86
Colasanto, Nick Jan 19th 1924Feb 12th 1985Saint Anns Cemetery Cranston, Rhode Island
Colbert, Claudette Sep 13th 1903Jul 30th 1996Parish of St. Peter Cemetery , Barbados
Colcord, Ray Dec 24th 1949Feb 5th 2016
Cole, Lester Jun 19th 1904Aug 15th 1985The disposition of Lester body is unknown. Please email with an update.
Cole, Nat King Mar 17th 1919Feb 15th 1965Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage
Coleman, Gary Feb 8th 1968May 28th 2010Cremated, disposition unknown
Colonna, Jerry Sep 17th 1904Nov 21st 1986Section B
Combs, Fredrick Oct 11th 1935Sep 19th 1992Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location
Comi, Paul Feb 11th 1932Aug 26th 2016
Como, Perry May 18th 1912May 12th 2001Riverside Memorial park in Palm Beach Florida
Conaway, Jeff Oct 5th 1950May 27th 2011Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend
Condon, Jackie Mar 25th 1918Oct 13th 1977Cremated, ashes scatteredin unknown location
Conklin, Chester Jan 11th 1886Oct 11th 1971Cremated, ashes given to family
Connell, Gordon Mar 19th 1923Jun 12th 2016
Connors, Chuck Apr 10th 1921Nov 10th 1992Section J, T-20, grave 123
Conrad, Michael Oct 16th 1925Nov 22nd 1983Cremated, ashes given to family
Conrad, William Sep 27th 1920Feb 11th 1994Lincoln Terrace plot 4448
Conroy, Pat Oct 26th 1945Mar 4th 2016
Conte, Richard Mar 24th 1910Apr 15th 1975Section D, Lot 62
Convy, Bert Jul 23rd 1933Jul 15th 1991Court of Liberty, Left of Washington statue
Coogan, Jackie Oct 26th 1914Mar 1st 1984F, T56, 47
Cook Jr., Elisha Dec 26th 1903May 18th 1995Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location
Cooke, Sam Jan 22nd 1930Dec 11th 1964Garden of Honor, right side
Cookson, Peter May 8th 1913Jan 6th 1990Cremated, ashes given to family
Cooper, Gary May 7th 1901May 13th 1961Sacred Heart Cemetery, Southhampton, New York
Corby, Ellen Jun 3rd 1911Apr 14th 1999Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Memory, #20336
Corcoran, Noreen Oct 20th 1943Jan 15th 2016
Cornelius, Don Sep 27th 1936Feb 1st 2012Cremated, ashes given to family
Corri, Adrienne Nov 13th 1930Mar 13th 2016
Corsaut, Aneta Nov 3rd 1933Nov 6th 1995Block G (Graceland), Section 651
Costello, Dolores Sep 17th 1903Mar 1st 1979Section D, Lot 877
Costello, Lou Mar 6th 1906Mar 3rd 1959Main Mausoleum, Block 354
Couch, Bill Sep 3rd 1926Feb 25th 1999Court of Valor, L-5083 G-1
Cox, Wally Dec 6th 1924Feb 15th 1973Cremated, Ashes scattered in Death Valley, California, along with those of his close friend, actor Marlon Brando
Craig, James Feb 4th 1912Jun 28th 1985Cremated, ashes scattered in Big Bear Lake, Ca
Crane, Bob Jul 13th 1928Jun 29th 1978Section D
Crane, Fred Mar 22nd 1918Aug 21st 2008Cremated, location unknown
Cranshaw, Patrick Jun 17th 1919Dec 28th 2005Cremated, ashes given to family.
Crawford, Joan Mar 23rd 1905May 10th 1977Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, New York Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove E, Crypt 42
Crawford, Wayne Jan 1st 1947Apr 30th 2016
Craze, Michael Nov 29th 1942Dec 7th 1998Cremated, ashes scattered in the Thames river
Crew, Columbia Nov 30th -0001Jan 16th 2003
Crichton, Michael Oct 23rd 1942Nov 4th 2008Unknown
Crofoot, Alan Jun 2nd 1929Mar 5th 1979Cremated, location unknown
Croker, Clay Martin Jan 10th 1962Sep 17th 2016
Cronkite, Walter Nov 4th 1916Jul 17th 2009Mount Moriah Cemetery Kansas City Missouri
Crosby, Bing May 2nd 1903Oct 14th 1977Grotto, L-119, space 1.
Crosby, Dixie Nov 4th 1911Nov 1st 1952Grotto Area
Crosby, Gary Jun 27th 1933Aug 24th 1995Blessed Assurance, Lot 1582, Space 3
Crothers, Joel Jan 28th 1941Nov 6th 1985Cremated, ashes scattered in Lake George New York.
Crothers, Scatman Mar 23rd 1910Nov 22nd 1986Lincoln Terrace Plot 4545
Cully, Zara Jan 26th 1892Feb 28th 1978Freedom Mausoleum, Columbarium of Victory
Cummings, Robert Jun 10th 1908Dec 2nd 1990Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Sanctity, niche 21505
Curran, Kevin Feb 27th 1959Oct 25th 2016
Curtis, Ken Jul 2nd 1916Apr 28th 1991Cremated, ashes scattered in Colorado
Curtis, Tony Jun 3rd 1925Sep 29th 2010Legacy, Space PG10, Row 3
Cushing, Peter May 26th 1913Aug 11th 1994Cremated, location unknown