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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Dailey, Dan Dec 14th 1913Oct 16th 1978Court of Freedom, lot #7065, space 4
Daly, James Oct 23rd 1918Jul 3rd 1978Body buried at sea
Damita, Lili Jul 10th 1904Mar 21st 1994Oakland Cemetery Fort Dodge, IA Loomis family plot
Dandridge, Dorothy Nov 9th 1922Sep 8th 1965Freedom Mausoleum, Columbarium of Victory, Niche 32269
Dane, Karl Oct 12th 1886Apr 14th 1934Section 13, plot 303
Dangerfield, Rodney Nov 22nd 1921Oct 5th 2004Rose Garden
Daniel, Rod Aug 4th 1942Apr 16th 2016
Daniels, Bebe Jan 14th 1901Mar 16th 1971Chapel columbarium, niche 7-8, tier 3
Daniely, Lisa Jun 4th 1929Jan 24th 2014
Darnell, Linda Oct 16th 1923Apr 10th 1965Union Hill Cemetery Kennett Square, PA
Darrin, Bobby May 14th 1936Dec 20th 1973Body donated to science.
Davalos, Richard Nov 5th 1930Mar 8th 2016
Davies, Marion Jan 3rd 1897Sep 22nd 1961Garden of Legends, east side of lake
Davis, Ann B. May 3rd 1926Jun 1st 2014
Davis, Bette Apr 5th 1908Oct 6th 1989Mausoleum, outside main east entrance.
Davis, Brad Nov 6th 1949Sep 8th 1991Court of Remembrance/Columbarium of Valor, G64054
Davis, Joan Jun 29th 1907May 22nd 1961Mausoleum, Block 46, Crypt D1
Davis, Marvin Aug 31st 1925Sep 25th 2004garden area
Davis, Ossie Dec 18th 1917Feb 4th 2005Cremated, Ashes given to family
Davis Jr., Sammy Dec 8th 1925May 16th 1990Garden of Honor (locked private area).
Day, Dennis May 21st 1916Jun 22nd 1988Section W, Tier 53, Grave 37
Day, Laraine Oct 13th 1920Nov 10th 2007Revelation, Lot 3310, Space 4
De Carlo, Yvonne Sep 1st 1922Jan 8th 2007Cremated, Ashes given to family
Deacon, Richard May 14th 1921Aug 8th 1984Cremated, disposition unknown
Dean, Eddie Jul 9th 1907Mar 4th 1999Gethsemane 976
Dean, James Feb 8th 1931Sep 30th 1955Park Cemetery Fairmount, Indiana
Dee, Sandra Apr 23rd 1942Feb 20th 2005Courts of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, wall crypt 3739
DeFore, Don Aug 25th 1913Dec 22nd 1993Scattered in Rose Garden
DeHaven, Gloria Jul 23rd 1925Jul 30th 2016
Del Rio, Dolores Aug 3rd 1905Apr 11th 1983Panteon Civil De Dolores, Mexico
Delgado, Roger Mar 1st 1918Jun 18th 1973Cremated, disposition unknown
Dell, Gabriel Oct 8th 1919Jul 3rd 1988Cremated, ashes given to family
DeLuise, Dom Aug 1st 1933May 4th 2009Cremated, remains given to family to be buried with his parents.
DeMille, Cecil B. Aug 12th 1881Jan 21st 1959Section 8, Lot 50
Dengel, Jake Jun 19th 1933Nov 14th 1994Cremated, unknown disposition
Dennis, John May 3rd 1925Mar 19th 2004Cremated, Ashes scattered Memorial Garden of the Hi-Desert Church of Religious Science, Apple Valley, California
Dennis, Sandy Apr 27th 1937Mar 2nd 1992Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln NB Mauseleum Number 3, Wall A, Col. 1C
Denver, Bob Jan 9th 1935Sep 2nd 2005Cremated, disposition unknown
Denver, John Dec 31st 1943Oct 12th 1997Cremated, Ashes scattered over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
Derek, John Aug 12th 1926May 22nd 1998Cremated, ashes given to family.
DeRita, Joe Jul 12th 1909Jul 3rd 1993Block D, Section 338, Lot 19
Derr, Richard Jun 15th 1918May 8th 1992Body donated to science
Desmond, Johnny Nov 14th 1919Sep 6th 1985Section F, Tier 44, Grave 30
Devine, Andy Oct 7th 1905Feb 18th 1977Cremated, Ashes given to family
Dierkes, John Feb 10th 1905Jan 8th 1975Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location
Dietrich, Marlene Dec 27th 1901May 6th 1992Friedhof III Berlin-Friedenau, Germany
Diller, Phyllis Jul 17th 1917Aug 20th 2012Cremated, Remains given to family
DiMaggio, Joe Nov 25th 1914Mar 8th 1999Section I, Row 11 Area 6/7
Dingle, Charles Dec 28th 1887Jan 19th 1956Cremated, ashes scattered in Germany
Dio, Ronnie James Jul 10th 1942May 16th 2010Courts of Remembrance, Three Children sarcophagus
Disney, Elias Feb 6th 1859Sep 13th 1941Great Mausoleum
Disney, Flora Apr 22nd 1868Nov 26th 1938Great Mausoleum
Disney, Roy Jun 24th 1893Dec 20th 1971Sheltering Hills 125
Disney, Walt Dec 5th 1901Dec 15th 1966Private Garden in Freedom Terrace.
Disney Jr., Roy Jan 30th 1930Dec 16th 2009Cremated, ashes scattered.
Dmytryk, Edward Sep 4th 1908Jul 1st 1999Murmuring Trees, Lot 3585, Space 4
Dobkin, Lawrence Sep 16th 1919Oct 28th 2002Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Dobson, James Oct 2nd 1920Dec 6th 1987Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Dodson, Jack May 16th 1931Sep 16th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family
Dodson, Mary Sep 24th 1932Feb 15th 2016
Dominguez, Wade May 10th 1966Aug 26th 1998Cremated, disposition unknown
Donahue, Troy Jan 27th 1936Sep 2nd 2001Cremated, ashes given to family
Donelson, Lyn Dec 31st 1891Mar 2nd 1966Sanctuary of Love
Donkin, Eric Apr 9th 1929Mar 17th 1998Cremated, disposition unknown
Donlevy, Brian Feb 9th 1901Apr 5th 1972Cremated, Ashes Scattered at Sea
Doohan, James Mar 3rd 1920Jul 20th 2005Cremated, Ashes given to family
Dorn, Philip Sep 30th 1905May 9th 1975Santuary of Tranquility
Douglas, Donna Sep 26th 1933Jan 2nd 2015
Douglas, Donna Sep 26th 1932Jan 1st 2015Bluff Creek Cemetery
Douglas, Hazel Nov 2nd 1923Sep 8th 2016
Douglas, James May 20th 1929Mar 5th 2016
Douglas, Melvyn Apr 5th 1901Aug 4th 1981Cremated, ashes give to family
Douglas, Robert Nov 9th 1909Jan 11th 1999Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Dove, Billie May 14th 1903Dec 13th 1997Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Freedom, crypt 21796
Doyle, David Dec 1st 1929Feb 26th 1997Cremated, Ashes given to family
Drake, Larry Feb 21st 1949Mar 17th 2016
Drayton, Noel Oct 7th 1913Dec 7th 1981Cremated, location unknown
Drummond, Alice May 21st 1928Nov 30th 2016
Dubin, Al Jun 10th 1891Feb 11th 1945Section D, Lot 349, Grave 2
Dubin, Gary May 5th 1959Oct 8th 2016
Duchin, Eddie Apr 10th 1910Feb 9th 1951Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Duff, Howard Nov 24th 1913Jul 8th 1990Cremated, Ashes given to family
Dufour, Val Feb 5th 1927Jul 27th 2000Cremated, disposition unknown
Duke, Patty Dec 14th 1946Mar 26th 2016
Dumont, Margaret Oct 20th 1882Mar 6th 1965Chapel Of The Pines Crematory Los Angeles, Ca
Duncan, Johnny Dec 7th 1923Feb 8th 2016
Duncan, Lois Apr 28th 1934Jun 15th 2016
Duncan, Michael Clarke Dec 10th 1957Sep 3rd 2012Sanctuary of Treasured Love, Crypt 2949
Dunn, James Nov 2nd 1901Sep 3rd 1967Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Dunne, Dominique Nov 23rd 1959Nov 4th 1982Section D, L-189
Dunne, Irene Dec 20th 1898Sep 4th 1990Main Mausoleum, Block 353
Durant, Don Nov 20th 1932Mar 15th 2005Cremated, ashes given to family
Durant, Will Nov 5th 1885Nov 7th 1981Section D, small urn plaque near the tree bench
Durante, Jimmy Feb 10th 1893Jan 29th 1980Section F, T96, space 6
Durning, Charles Feb 28th 1923Dec 24th 2012Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Duryea, Dan Jan 23rd 1907Jun 7th 1968Morning Light, L-7383