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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Eagels, Jeanne Jun 26th 1890Oct 3rd 1929Forest Hills Cemetery, Kansas City, Miss. Near the Columbus Memorial, and just west of crime boss Tom Pendergast
Ealey, Kristian John Jan 1st 1977May 2nd 2016
Earhart, Amelia Jul 24th 1897Jan 5th 1939Cenotaph, Portal of the Folded Wings
Earles, Harry Mar 3rd 1902May 4th 1985Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Earp, Wyatt Mar 19th 1848Jan 13th 1929Hills of Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California
Easterday, Kenny Dec 11th 1973Feb 12th 2016
Eastham, Richard Jun 22nd 1916Jul 10th 2005cREMATED, ASHES SCATTEED AT SEA
Ebsen, Buddy Apr 2nd 1908Jul 6th 2003Cremated, Ashes Scattered at Sea
Eckstine, Billy Jul 8th 1914Mar 8th 1993Cremated, ashes given to family.
Eddy, Nelson Jun 29th 1901Mar 6th 1967Garden of Legends, lot 89.
Edens, Roger Nov 9th 1905Jul 13th 1970Santuary of Rememberance
Edmunds, Williams Jan 1st 1886Dec 7th 1981Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Edwards, Ralph Jun 13th 1913Nov 16th 2005Ascension, Lot 7190
Edwards, Ronnie Claire Feb 9th 1933Jun 14th 2016
Edwards, Sam May 26th 1915Jul 28th 2004Cremated, disposition unknown
Edwards, Vince Jul 9th 1928Mar 11th 1996Section CC, Tier 64, Grave 29
Elam, Jack Nov 13th 1920Oct 20th 2003Cremated, disposition unknown
Elliot, Cass Sep 19th 1941Jul 29th 1974Courts of TaNaCH, Lot 5600, Space 2
Elliot, Denholm May 31st 1922Oct 6th 1992Cremated, ashes scattered in his garden at his home in Spain
Elliot, Shawn Jan 1st 1937Mar 11th 2016
Emery, Ann Mar 12th 1930Sep 28th 2016
Engel, Roy Sep 13th 1913Dec 29th 1980Cremated, ashes scattered at Lake Arrowhead
English, Patricia Nov 30th -0001Aug 13th 2016
Enriquez, Rene Nov 24th 1933Mar 23rd 1990Cremated, ashes given to family
Entwistle, John Oct 9th 1944Jun 27th 2002Saint Edward's Church Stow-on-the-Wold Gloucester, England
Entwistle, Peg Feb 5th 1908Sep 18th 1932Oakhill Cemetery, Glendale OH
Erickson, Leif Oct 27th 1911Jan 29th 1986Cremated, ashes scatter in unknown location
Errol, Leon Jul 3rd 1881Oct 12th 1951Eventide, Lot 578
Erwin, Bill Dec 2nd 1914Dec 28th 2010
Evans, Dale Oct 31st 1912Feb 7th 2001Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Apple Valley, California
Evans, Mike Nov 3rd 1949Dec 14th 2006Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend.
Ewell, Tom Apr 29th 1909Sep 12th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.