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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Factor, Max Jan 1st 1877Aug 30th 1938Mausoleum, outside U-112
Fairbanks Jr., Douglas Dec 9th 1909May 7th 2000Fairbanks Lawn
Falk, Peter Sep 16th 1927Jun 23rd 2011Rose Garden next to Billy Wilder
Farentino, James Feb 24th 1937Jan 24th 2012Cremated, ashes given to family
Farley, Chris Feb 15th 1964Dec 18th 1997Resurrection Cemetery Madison, Wis.
Farmer, Frances Sep 19th 1913Aug 1st 1970Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery Fishers, IN
Farmer, Mark May 22nd 1962Apr 26th 2016
Farrell, Charles Aug 9th 1901May 6th 1990Welwood Murray Cemetery Palm Springs California Section 10-3, Lot F
Farrell, Vessie Nov 30th -0001Sep 30th 1935Columbarium, First Floor, East Wall T-1 N-17
Fawcett, Charles Dec 2nd 1915Feb 3rd 2008Cremated, ashes scattered in the Seine river in Paris.
Fawcett, Farrah Feb 2nd 1947Jun 25th 2009Rose garden section
Faye, Alice May 5th 1915May 9th 1998Forest Lawn Cathedral City
Feldman, Marty Jul 8th 1933Dec 2nd 1982Garden of Heritage, lot 5420
Fell, Norman Mar 24th 1924Dec 14th 1998Garden of Heritage, Columbarium of Tradition, Niche 1601A
Fender, Leo Aug 10th 1909Mar 21st 1991Lawn Section J
Fenneman, George Nov 10th 1919May 29th 1997Cremated, Unknown
Fernandez, Abel Jul 14th 1930May 3rd 2016
Ferrer, Mel Aug 25th 1917Jun 2nd 2008Cremated, ashes buried at his ranch in Carpenteria, California
Fiander, Lewis Jan 12th 1938May 24th 2016
Fields, Totie May 7th 1927Aug 2nd 1978Gardens of Heritage, Main Level, Crypt 60C
Fields, W.C. Jan 29th 1880Dec 25th 1946Great Mausoleum, Hall of Inspiration, Columbarium of Nativity
Filbert, Norm Jun 16th 1925Apr 8th 2004Cremated, Disposition Unknown
Finch, Peter Sep 28th 1912Jan 14th 1977Cathedral Mausoleum, corridor A, crypt 1224
Fine, Larry Oct 5th 1902Jan 24th 1975Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Liberation
Finkel, Fyvush Oct 9th 1922Aug 14th 2016
Finlay, Frank Aug 6th 1926Jan 30th 2016
Finlayson, James Aug 27th 1887Oct 9th 1953Cremated, ashes given to family
Finney, Christine Lawrence Apr 1st 1968Jan 5th 2016
Firestone, Eddie Dec 11th 1920Mar 1st 2007Valhalla Cemetery
Fisher, Carrie Oct 21st 1956Dec 27th 2016
Fisher, Carrie Oct 21st 1956Dec 27th 2016
Fitzgerald, Ella Apr 25th 1917Jun 15th 1996Sanctuary of the Bells, Crypt 1063
Flanders, Ed Dec 29th 1934Feb 22nd 1995Cremated, ashes given to family.
Fleishaker, Joe Jan 1st 1954May 23rd 2016
Fleming, Art May 1st 1924Apr 25th 1995Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Fleming, Victor Feb 23rd 1889Jan 6th 1949Abbey of the Psalms, Sanctuary of Refuge #2081
Flippen, Jay Mar 6th 1899Feb 3rd 1970Sanctuary of Memories
Fluellen, Joel Dec 1st 1907Feb 2nd 1990Cremated, ashes scattered off Point Fermin, Ca
Flynn, Errol Jun 20th 1909Oct 14th 1959Garden of Everlasting Peace
Flynn, Joe Nov 8th 1924Jul 19th 1974Section W, Tier 020, Grave 75
Fonda, Henry May 16th 1905Aug 12th 1982Cremated, Ashes Scattered
Fong, Benson Oct 10th 1916Aug 1st 1987Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Forbes, Ralph Sep 30th 1896Mar 31st 1951Cremated, ashes buried in Ontario Canada
Ford, Ernie Feb 13th 1919Oct 17th 1991Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, California Lot 242 Sub 1, urn Garden
Ford, Glenn May 1st 1916Aug 30th 2006Mausoleum
Ford, Paul Nov 2nd 1901Apr 12th 1976Cremated, Ashes given to family
Ford, Paul Nov 2nd 1901Apr 12th 1976Cremated, ashes given to family
Ford, Thomas Mikal Sep 5th 1964Oct 12th 2016
Forman, Tom Feb 22nd 1893Nov 7th 1926Unknown
Forrest, Helen Apr 12th 1917Jul 11th 1999Canaan 8 Lot 2291 Space 3
Forsythe, John Jan 29th 1918Apr 1st 2010Oakhill Cemetery, Santa Barbara
Foster, Barry Aug 21st 1927Feb 11th 2002Cremated, Disposition Unknown
Fowler, Harry Mar 17th 1884Sep 17th 1954Columbarium, Second Floor, South Wall, T-2, N-2
Fox, Bernard May 11th 1927Dec 14th 2016
Foxe, Earle Dec 25th 1887Dec 10th 1973Cremated, ashes given to family.
Foxx, Redd Dec 9th 1922Oct 11th 1991Palm Valley View Memorial Park Las Vegas, Nevada
Franciosa, Anthony Oct 25th 1928Jan 19th 2006Unknown
Francis, Coleman Jan 24th 1919Jan 15th 1973Colubarium of Rememberance
Franciscus, James Jan 31st 1934Jul 8th 1991Cremated, ashes give to family
Franklin, Bonnie Jan 6th 1944Mar 1st 2013
Franklin, Melvin Oct 12th 1942Feb 23rd 1995Courts of Remembrance, C-3571, outer south-east wall.
Frann, Mary Feb 27th 1943Sep 23rd 1998CC-T 52 #58
Frawley, William Feb 26th 1887Mar 3rd 1966San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California
Frees, Paul Jun 22nd 1920Nov 2nd 1986Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
French, Victor Dec 4th 1934Jun 15th 1989Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea.
Frey, Glen Nov 6th 1948Jan 18th 2016
Friganza, Trixie Nov 29th 1870Feb 27th 1955Section C, Lot 759, Friganza Mausoleum crypt 2
Fuccello, Tom Dec 11th 1936Aug 16th 1993Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Fulson, Lowell Mar 31st 1921Mar 7th 1999Sunset Mission Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Bells, Crypt 929
Funicello, Annette Oct 22nd 1942Apr 8th 2013Allegedly Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills