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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Gaba, Marianne Nov 13th 1939May 3rd 2016
Gable, Clark Feb 1st 1901Nov 16th 1960Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Trust. Private area, not accesible to the public.
Gable, William Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Columbarium, First Floor, Column 8, Niche 3 Tier 4`
Gabor, Eva Feb 11th 1919Jul 4th 1995Small lawn next to entrance
Gabor, Zsa Zsa Feb 6th 1917Dec 18th 2016
Gaillard, Robert Nov 14th 1868Sep 24th 1941Cremated, ashes given to family
Galeota, Michael Aug 28th 1984Jan 10th 2016
Gallagher, Bernard Sep 26th 1929Nov 27th 2016
Gam, Rita Apr 2nd 1927Mar 22nd 2016
Garber, Matthew Mar 25th 1956Jun 13th 1977Cremated at St Marylebone Crematorium, East finchley, London UK
Garbo, Greta Sep 18th 1905Apr 15th 1990Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) Stockholms län, Sweden
Garcia, Jerry Aug 1st 1942Aug 9th 1995Cremated, Ashes scattered in Ganges River and at sea.
Gardner, Ava Dec 24th 1922Jan 25th 1990Sunset Memorial Park Smithfield, North Carolina
Garfield, John Mar 4th 1913May 21st 1952Westchester Hills Cemetery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Garland, Judy Jun 10th 1922Jun 22nd 1969Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum Hartsdale, NY
Garner, James Apr 7th 1928Jul 19th 2014
Garrett, Patsy May 4th 1921Jan 8th 2015Forest Lawn Cathedral City
Garson, Greer Sep 29th 1904Apr 6th 1996Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas TX
Gates, Larry Sep 24th 1915Dec 12th 1996Cremated, ashes given to family
Gates, Larry Sep 24th 1915Dec 12th 1996Cremated, ashes given to family
Gaunt, Valerie Jul 9th 1932Nov 27th 2016
Gaye, Lisa Mar 6th 1935Jul 14th 2016
Gaye, Marvin Apr 2nd 1939Apr 1st 1984Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Gaynes, George May 3rd 1917Feb 15th 2016
Gaynor, Janet Oct 6th 1906Sep 14th 1984Garden of Legends Section 8, Lot 193.
Gazzara, Ben Aug 28th 1930Feb 2nd 2012Cremated, ashes in undisclosed location
Geer, Will Mar 9th 1902Apr 22nd 1978Topanga Los Angeles County
George, Anthony Jan 29th 1921Mar 16th 2005Cremated, disposition unknown
George, Christopher Feb 25th 1929Nov 28th 1983Sanctuary of Tenderness
George, Gorgeous Mar 24th 1915Dec 26th 1963Block J, Section 9370, Lot 4
Gershe, Leonard Jun 10th 1922Mar 9th 2002Sanctuary of Remembrance
Gerson, Dan Aug 1st 1966Feb 6th 2016
Gest, David May 11th 1953Apr 12th 2016
Getty, Estelle Jul 25th 1923Jul 22nd 2008Section 14, Row CC, Grave 88
Ghostly, Alice Aug 14th 1926Sep 21st 2007Unknown
Gibb, Andy Mar 5th 1958Mar 10th 1988Court of Remembrance, 2534
Gibb, Maurice Dec 22nd 1949Jan 12th 2003Cremated, Ashes given to family.
Gibb, Robin Dec 22nd 1949May 20th 2012St Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire England
Gibbs, Antony Oct 17th 1925Feb 26th 2016
Gibson, Henry Sep 21st 1935Sep 14th 2009Cremated, ashes given to family
Gibson, Hoot Aug 6th 1892Aug 23rd 1962Magnolia Plot, Lot 92, Grave 6
Gielgud, John Apr 14th 1904May 21st 2000Cremated, disposition unknown
Gilbert, Jody Mar 18th 1916Feb 3rd 1979T building, 2nd floor, corridor T-8-2 #1900
Gilbert, John Jul 10th 1897Jan 9th 1936Whispering Pines, Lot 1102
Gillespie, Dizzy Oct 21st 1917Jan 6th 1993Flushing Cemetery Flushing, NY Unmarked next to his mother.
Gish, Lillian Oct 14th 1893Feb 27th 1993Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Manhattan New York
Glass, Gaston Dec 31st 1899Nov 11th 1965Section D, Lot 141, Grave 1
Glass, Ned Apr 1st 1906Jun 15th 1987Cremated, disposition unknown
Glass, Ron Jul 10th 1945Nov 25th 2016Rose Hills Cemetery
Glass, Seamon Sep 26th 1925Jul 12th 2016
Gleason, Jackie Feb 26th 1916Jun 24th 1987Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery Miami, FL
Gleason, Paul May 4th 1939May 29th 2006Center lawn, Section D
Gobel, George May 20th 1919Feb 24th 1991section D
Goddard, Trevor Oct 14th 1962Jun 7th 2003Cremated, ashes given to family
Goldwyn, Samuel Aug 17th 1879Jan 31st 1974Garden of Honor (Private Garden)
Gordon, Bobby Aug 21st 1913Dec 1st 1990Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Gordon, Gale Feb 20th 1906Jun 30th 1995Cremated, Ashes given to family
Gordon, Leo Dec 2nd 1922Dec 26th 2000Columbarium, second floor, North wall
Gordon, Mary May 16th 1882Aug 23rd 1963Block A, Section 333, Lot 5
Gordon, Ruth Oct 30th 1896Aug 28th 1985Cremated, Ashes given to family.
Gordon, Vic Mar 4th 1911Dec 2nd 2003Cremated, ashes given to family
Gottschalk, Robert Mar 12th 1918Jun 3rd 1982Sanctuary of Tenderness
Gould, Harold Dec 10th 1923Sep 11th 2010Cremated, ashes given to family
Goulet, Robert Nov 26th 1933Oct 30th 2007Cremated, Ashes given to family.
Grable, Betty Oct 18th 1916Jul 2nd 1973Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of Dawn, Crypt A78
Grahame, Gloria Nov 28th 1923Oct 5th 1981Pioneer section, Lot 242, Space 8
Granger, Stewart May 6th 1913Aug 16th 1993Cremated, Ashes given to family
Grant, Cary Jan 18th 1904Nov 29th 1986Cremated, Ashes scattered in California
Granville, Bonita Feb 2nd 1923Oct 11th 1988Grotto, Lot 196, 12
Grapewin, Charley Dec 20th 1869Feb 2nd 1956Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Inspiration, niche 14639
Grauman, Sid Mar 17th 1879Mar 5th 1950Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Benediction
Graves, Peter Mar 18th 1926Mar 14th 2010Cremated, remains given to family.
Greene, Lorne Feb 12th 1915Sep 11th 1987Courts of the Book, Block 5, Plot 800, Grave 8
Greenstreet, Sydney Dec 27th 1879Jan 18th 1954Great Mausoleum, Utility Columbarium, not accessible to the general public.
Gregg, Julie Jan 24th 1937Nov 7th 2016
Grieve, Ken Mar 31st 1942Nov 15th 2016
Griffin, Merv Jul 6th 1925Aug 12th 2007Rose Garden
Griffith, Andy Jun 1st 1926Jul 3rd 2012Griffith Family Cemetery in Manteo
Griffith, Corinne Nov 24th 1895Jul 13th 1979Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea.
Grimes, Tammy Jan 30th 1934Oct 30th 2016
Grope Sr., Ferde Mar 27th 1892Apr 3rd 1972Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of Faith, Crypt E-324
Guilbert, Ann Morgan Oct 16th 1928Jun 14th 2016
Gutowski, Gene Jul 26th 1925May 10th 2016
Gwenn, Edmund Sep 26th 1877Sep 6th 1959Ashes in vaultage
Gwynne, Fred Jul 10th 1926Jul 2nd 1993Sandymount Methodist Church Churchyard Sandyville, MD