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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Jack, Wolfman Jan 21st 1938Jul 1st 1995Smith Family Estate Belvidere, NC
Jacks, Robert Aug 9th 1959Aug 8th 2001Cremated, ashes given to family
Jackson, Anne Sep 3rd 1925Apr 12th 2016
Jackson, Howard Jun 27th 1951Mar 7th 2006Cremated, ashes given to family
Jackson, Michael Aug 29th 1958Jun 25th 2009Holly Terrace, Private family crypt
Jaeckel, Richard Oct 10th 1926Jun 14th 1997Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
James, Brion Feb 20th 1945Aug 7th 1999Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
James, Rick Feb 1st 1948Aug 6th 2004Forest Lawn, Buffalo NY
Janis, Elsie Mar 16th 1889Feb 26th 1956Great Mausoleum, Corridor of Mercy
Janssen, David Mar 27th 1931Feb 13th 1980Main Mausoleum
Jeffries, Fran May 18th 1937Dec 15th 2016
Jenner, Barry Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001
Jennings, DeWitt Jun 21st 1879Mar 1st 1937Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Graces, N-11617
Jessel, George Apr 3rd 1898May 24th 1981Main Mausoleum, Memorial Court #516
Jeter, Michael Aug 26th 1952Mar 30th 2003Cremated, Ashes Scattered
Johnson, Nunnally Dec 5th 1897Mar 25th 1977Sanctuary of Tranquility
Johnson, Russell Nov 10th 1924Jan 14th 2014
Johnson, Van Aug 25th 1916Dec 12th 2008Cremated
Johnston, Julanne May 1st 1900Dec 26th 1988Chapel of the Pines Crematory, Los Angeles California
Jolson, Al May 26th 1886Oct 23rd 1950Outside main Mausoleum
Jones, Allan Oct 14th 1907Jun 27th 1992Cremated, ashes given to family
Jones, Anissa Mar 11th 1958Aug 28th 1976Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea.
Jones, Buck Dec 12th 1891Nov 30th 1942Cremated, ashes scattered near Catalina Island
Jones, Carolyn Apr 28th 1930Aug 3rd 1983Melrose Abbey, Anaheim Ca North Patio, 46 gg
Jones, Christopher Aug 18th 1941Jan 31st 2014
Jones, Chuck Sep 21st 1912Feb 22nd 2002Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea
Jones, Davy Dec 30th 1945Feb 29th 2012Cremated, ashes given to family
Jones, Duane Feb 2nd 1936Jul 22nd 1988Cremated, ashes given to family
Jones, Spike Dec 14th 1911May 1st 1965Mausoleum, Block 70, Crypt A7
Joplin, Janis Jan 19th 1943Oct 4th 1970Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea.
Jordan, Jim Nov 16th 1896Apr 1st 1988St. Ann Section
Jordan, Marian Apr 15th 1898Apr 7th 1961St. Ann Section
Jordan, Richard Jul 19th 1937Aug 30th 1993Cremated, ashes scattered on his property in Malibu, Ca.
Joslyn, Allyn Jul 21st 1901Jan 21st 1981Eternal Love, Lot 4509, Space 1
Jourdan, Louis Jun 19th 1921Feb 15th 2015
Joyce, Peggy May 26th 1893Jun 12th 1957Cemetery of the Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne New York
June, Ray Mar 27th 1895May 26th 1958Garden of Memory, Columbarium of Eternal Light, N-526 (private locked area)
Jurmann, Walter Oct 12th 1903Jun 17th 1971Section 8, Lot 77, Space 5
Justice, James Robertson Jun 15th 1907Jul 2nd 1975Cremated, Ashes buried in a North Scotland moor near his home.
Justin, John Nov 24th 1917Nov 29th 2002Cremated, Disposition Unknown