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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Kane, Bob Oct 24th 1915Nov 3rd 1998Court of Liberty, Lot #1310
Kanellos, Peter May 15th 1897Feb 27th 1967Inspiration Slope, L-716, space 2B
Kanin, Michael Feb 1st 1910Mar 12th 1993Beth Olam, 3rd floor,
Kaplan, Marvin Jan 24th 1927Aug 25th 2016
Karloff, Boris Nov 23rd 1887Feb 2nd 1969Guilford Crematorium Guildford, Surrey, England
Kartalian, Buck Aug 13th 1922May 24th 2016
Kauders, Sylvia Dec 1st 1921May 5th 2016
Kaufman, Andy Jan 17th 1949May 16th 1984Beth David Cemetery Elmont, NY
Kaufman, George Nov 16th 1889Jun 2nd 1961Cremate, Ashes scattered
Kauhi, Gilbert "Zulu" Oct 17th 1937May 3rd 2004Cremated, ashes scattered on Waikiki Beach
Kaye, Danny Jan 18th 1913Mar 3rd 1987Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla NY
Keale, Moe Dec 3rd 1939Apr 15th 2002Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Keaton, Buster Oct 4th 1895Feb 1st 1966George Washington Section, Court of Valor, Lot 5512
Keel, Howard Apr 13th 1919Nov 7th 2004Cremated, Scattered at Sea
Keeler, Ruby Aug 25th 1909Feb 28th 1993Holy Sepulcher Cemetery Section N, Tier 21, Grave 46
Keene, Tom Dec 30th 1896Aug 4th 1963Garden Of Memory
Keith, Brian Nov 14th 1921Jun 24th 1997Garden of Serenity
Keith, Daisy Jun 26th 1969Apr 16th 1997Garden of Serenity
Keith, Ian Feb 27th 1899Mar 26th 1960Cremated, Disposition Unknown
Kellaway, Cecil Aug 22nd 1893Feb 28th 1973Sanctuary of Rememberance
Kelley, DeForest Jan 20th 1920Jun 11th 1999Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea.
Kelly, Gene Aug 23rd 1912Feb 2nd 1996Cremated, Ashes given to family
Kelly, Grace Nov 12th 1929Sep 14th 1982Cathedral of St. Nicholas Monte Carlo, Monaco
Kelly, Orry Dec 31st 1897Feb 27th 1964Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Remembrance N-60282
Kelly, Paul Aug 9th 1899Nov 6th 1956Section D, Lot 61, Grave 2
Kelly, Tommy Apr 6th 1925Jan 26th 2016
Kemmer, Ed Oct 29th 1921Nov 9th 2004Cremated, Disposition Unknown
Kennedy, George Feb 18th 1925Feb 28th 2016
Kenton, Stan Dec 15th 1911Aug 25th 1979Ashes scattered in the Garden of Roses
Kenyon, Sandy Aug 5th 2002Feb 20th 2010Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Kerr, Deborah Sep 30th 1921Oct 16th 2007Unknown
Kimsey, Todd Jun 6th 1962Sep 16th 2016
King, Dennis Nov 2nd 1897May 21st 1971Cremated, ashes given to family
King, Louis Jun 28th 1898Sep 7th 1962Sanctuary of Memories
King, Mabel Dec 25th 1932Nov 9th 1999Cremated, Ashes given to Family.
Kingsbury, Craig Oct 10th 1912Aug 30th 2002Cremated, ashes scattered on his farm
Kinison, Sam Dec 8th 1953Apr 10th 1992Memorial Park Cemetery Tulsa, OK
Kinskey, Leonid Apr 18th 1903Sep 8th 1998Cremated, Disposition Unknown
Kirby, Bruno Apr 28th 1949Aug 14th 2006Cremated, Ashes given to family.
Klemperer, Werner Mar 22nd 1920Dec 6th 2000Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Kline, Benjamin Jul 11th 1894Jan 7th 1974Beth Olam, Hall M-11 Crypt 5496
Klugman, Jack Apr 27th 1922Dec 24th 2012Cremated, given to family
Knight, Ted Dec 7th 1923Aug 26th 1986Ascension Garden, Lot 9127
Knotts, Don Jul 21st 1924Feb 24th 2006Small garden plot
Knowles, Patric Nov 11th 1911Dec 23rd 1995Cremated, ashes given to family
Koch, Howard Dec 2nd 1902Aug 17th 1995Cremated, Ashes scattered.
Koenig, Andrew Aug 17th 1968Feb 25th 2010Cremated, ashes given to family.
Korman, Harvey Feb 15th 1927May 29th 2008Masoleum
Kovacs, Ernie Jan 23rd 1919Jan 13th 1962Rememberance
Krane, Jonathan D. May 1st 1952Aug 1st 2016
Kreuger, Kurt Jul 23rd 1916Jul 12th 2006Body Donated to Science
Kull, Edward Dec 10th 1885Dec 22nd 1946Acacia, Lot 3622, Space 4
Kulp, Nancy Aug 28th 1921Feb 3rd 1991Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery Mifflintown, PA
Kuralt, Charles Sep 10th 1934Jul 4th 1997Old Chapel Hill Cemetery Chapel Hill, NC
Kwouk, Burt Jul 18th 1930May 24th 2016