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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
L'Amour, Louis Mar 22nd 1908Jun 10th 1988Outside the Great Mausoleum
La Rocque, Rod Nov 20th 1898Oct 15th 1969Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Labine, Claire Jun 28th 1934Nov 11th 2016
Ladd, Alan Sep 3rd 1913Jan 29th 1964Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage
Laemmle, Edward Oct 25th 1887Apr 2nd 1937Beth Olam Hall P-Q #136
Lahr, Bert Aug 13th 1895Dec 4th 1967Union Field Cemetery Ridgewood, CT
Lake, Arthur Apr 17th 1905Jan 9th 1987In the Marion Davies Crypt in the Garden of Legends.
LaMarr, Barbara Jul 28th 1896Jan 30th 1926Cathedral Mausoleum, Crypt 1308
LaMarr, Hedy Nov 9th 1914Jan 19th 2000Cremated, Ashes Scattered
Lamour, Dorothy Dec 10th 1914Sep 22nd 1996Enduring Faith, lot 387, space 2
Lancaster, Burt Nov 2nd 1913Oct 20th 1994Main lawn urn garden
Landfield, Sidney Apr 20th 1898Jun 20th 1972Sanctuary of Rememberance
Landon, Michael Oct 31st 1936Jul 1st 1991Private family room in Mausoleum
Lane, Lola May 21st 1906Jun 22nd 1981Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA Section M, Tier 17, Grave 97
Lang, Archie Jul 14th 1920Feb 17th 2016
Lanteau, William Nov 12th 1922Nov 3rd 1993Cremated, ashes given to family
Lanza, Mario Jan 31st 1921Oct 7th 1959Mausoleum, Block 46, Crypt D-2
Lardner Jr., Ring Aug 19th 1915Oct 31st 2000Unknown
Larson, William Nov 20th 1927Jan 21st 1996Cremated, ashes given to family
Lashaway, Nick Mar 24th 1988May 8th 2016
Lasky Jr., Jesse Sep 19th 1910Apr 11th 1988Columbarium, second floor, South wall.
Latessa, Dick Sep 15th 1929Dec 19th 2016
Latta, Chris Aug 30th 1949Jun 12th 1994Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Laughton, Charles Jul 1st 1899Dec 15th 1962Court of Remembrance, C-310
Laurel, Stan Jun 16th 1890Feb 23rd 1965George Washington Section, 2nd Terrace, 910
Laurie, John Mar 25th 1897Jun 23rd 1980Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Lauter, Harry Jun 19th 1914Oct 30th 1990Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Law, John Phillip Sep 7th 1937May 13th 2008Cremated, ashes scattered at sea
Lawford, Peter Sep 7th 1923Dec 24th 1984Cremated, scattered at sea
Lazarev, Evgeniy Mar 31st 1937Nov 18th 2016
Le Saint, Edward Dec 13th 1870Sep 10th 1940Columbarium, first floor, North wall, T-4 N-9
Le Saint, Stella Dec 17th 1881Sep 21st 1948Columbarium, First Floor, North wall, T-4, N-9
Leader, Michael Jan 1st 1938Aug 22nd 2016
Lebeau, Madeleine Jun 10th 1923May 1st 2016
Lederer, Francis Nov 6th 1899May 25th 2000Cremated, ashes given to family
Lederer, Gretchen May 23rd 1891Dec 20th 1955Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Benevolence, N-15036
Ledger, Heath Apr 4th 1979Jan 22nd 2008Fremantle Cemetery Fremantle Western Australia
Lee, Bernard Jan 10th 1908Jan 16th 1981Cremated, disposition unknown
Lee, Billy Mar 12th 1929Nov 17th 1989Cremated, ashes given to family
Lee, Brandon Feb 1st 1965Mar 31st 1993Lake View Cemetery Seattle, WA
Lee, Bruce Nov 27th 1940Jul 20th 1973Lake View Cemetery Seattle, WA
Lee, Cherylene Jun 1st 1953Mar 18th 2016
Lee, Eugene "Porky" Oct 25th 1933Oct 16th 2005Cremated
Lee, Guy Mar 7th 1927Nov 22nd 1993Cremated, ashes given to family.
Lee, Gypsy Rose Jan 9th 1911Apr 26th 1970Pinecrest lot 1087, grave #8
Lee, Harper Apr 28th 1926Feb 19th 2016
Lee, Peggy May 26th 1920Jan 21st 2002Rose Garden
Lehman, Trent Feb 23rd 1961Jan 18th 1982Cremated, ashes given to family.
Leigh, Vivien Nov 5th 1913Jul 7th 1967Cremated, Scattered on the lake at Tickerage Mill, near Blackboys, Sussex, England.
Lemmon, Jack Feb 8th 1925Jun 27th 2001Chapel Garden Estate, B-6
Lennon, John Oct 9th 1940Dec 8th 1980Unknown, only known by Yoko Ono
Lester, Ron Aug 4th 1970Jun 17th 2016
Levant, Oscar Dec 27th 1906Aug 14th 1972Sanutary of Love
Levinson, Nathan Jul 15th 1888Oct 18th 1952Beth Olan Foyer O, T-8 N-7
Lewis, Al Apr 30th 1910Feb 3rd 2006Cremated, Ashes given to family in his favorite cigar box.
Lewis, Elliot Nov 28th 1917May 23rd 1990Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Lewis, George Oct 10th 1903Dec 5th 1995Cremated, ashes given to family.
Lewis, Sagan Jan 1st 1953Aug 7th 2016
Liberace, Lee May 16th 1919Feb 4th 1987Court of Remembrance
Libertini, Richard May 21st 1933Jan 7th 2016
Linden, Eric Sep 15th 1909Jul 14th 1994Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Linkletter, Art Jul 17th 1912May 26th 2010Cremated, ashes given to family
Linkletter, Art Jul 17th 1912May 26th 2010
Linville, Larry Sep 29th 1939Apr 10th 2000Cremated, ashes scattered off the coast of Bodega Bay, California
Livingston, Jay Mar 28th 1915Oct 17th 2001Sanctuary of Memories
Lloyd, Euan Dec 6th 1923Jul 2nd 2016
Lloyd, Harold Apr 20th 1893Mar 8th 1971Great Mausoleum, Begonia Corridor
Lloyd-Pack, Roger Feb 8th 1944Jan 15th 2014 Highgate Cemetery
Lo, Lieh Jun 29th 1939Nov 2nd 2002Cremated, disposition unknown.
Locke, Ned Dec 25th 1919Feb 4th 1992Ashes scattered in Table Rock Lake, Kimberling City, Missouri
Locke, Philip Mar 29th 1928Apr 19th 2004Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Lockhart, Gene Jul 18th 1891Mar 31st 1957Section D, Lot 279, Grave 6
Lockhart, Kathleen Aug 9th 1894Feb 17th 1978Section D, Lot 280, Grave 2
Loder, John Jan 3rd 1898Dec 26th 1988Cremated, Disposition unknown
Lombard, Carole Oct 6th 1908Jan 16th 1942Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Trust
Lomond, Britt Apr 12th 1925Mar 22nd 2006Cremated, ashes given to family.
London, Jack Jan 12th 1876Nov 22nd 1916Jack London State Historic Park, Glen Ellen, California
Long, Richard Dec 17th 1927Dec 21st 1974Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Lord, Jack Dec 30th 1920Jan 21st 1998Cremated, Ashes scattered in the ocean near his Kahala condominium
Lorre, Peter Jun 26th 1904Mar 23rd 1964Cathedral Mausoleum, corridor C, Alcove of Reverence, niche 5, tier 1
Love, Montagu Mar 15th 1880May 17th 1943Cremated, remains in vaultage.
Lubitsch, Ernst Jan 28th 1892Nov 30th 1947Eventide, L-2896
Lucas, William Apr 14th 1945Jul 8th 2016
Luciano, Lucky Nov 24th 1897Jan 26th 1962Saint John Cemetery Middle Village, NY
Lugosi, Bela Oct 20th 1882Aug 16th 1956Grotto, L120, 1
Lund, John Feb 6th 1911May 10th 1992Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location.
Lupino, Ida Feb 4th 1914Aug 3rd 1995Ashes scattered on or near her mother's grave [unmarked]
Lyon, Ben Feb 6th 1901Mar 22nd 1979Columbarium, Second Floor, North wall N7-8 T-3