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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
O'Brian, Hugh Apr 19th 1925Sep 5th 2016
O'Brien, Edmund Sep 10th 1915May 9th 1985Section F, T54, 50
O'Brien, Pat Nov 11th 1899Oct 13th 1983Section F, T56, 62
O'Connor, Carroll Aug 2nd 1924Jun 21st 2001Rose Garden
O'Connor, Donald Aug 28th 1925Sep 27th 2003Cremated, ashes given to family.
O'Hara, Barry Dec 5th 1925Sep 5th 1979Cremated ashes given to family.
O'Neill, Dick Aug 29th 1928Nov 17th 1998Cremated, ashes given to family.
O'Rourke, Heather Dec 27th 1975Feb 1st 1988Outside Mausoleum first section
O'Toole, Peter Aug 2nd 1932Dec 14th 2013Unknown
Oates, Warren Jul 5th 1928Apr 3rd 1982Cremated, ashes scattered in Montana
Ode, Eric Nov 6th 1910Jul 19th 1983Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location.
Odom, George T. Aug 21st 1950Sep 21st 2016
Oliansky, Joel Oct 11th 1935Jul 29th 2002Cathedral Mausoleum
Olsen, Merlin Sep 15th 1940Mar 11th 2010San Gabriel Cemetery
Orbison, Roy Apr 23rd 1936Dec 6th 1988Section D, #97 [unmarked]
Orlandi, Felice Sep 18th 1924May 21st 2003Cremated, ashes given to family.
Ornitz, Samuel Nov 15th 1890Mar 10th 1957Unknown
Owen, Seena Nov 14th 1894Aug 15th 1966Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Refuge #21 30
Owens, Buck Aug 12th 1929Mar 25th 2006Greenlawn Southwest Cemetery, Bakersfield California Large private family mausoleum
Owens, Gary May 10th 1936Feb 12th 2015