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Jude 25

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocation
Sachs, Andrew Apr 7th 1930Nov 23rd 2016
Safer, Morley Nov 8th 1931May 19th 2016Roselawn Cemetery, Canada
Sage, Willard Aug 13th 1922Mar 17th 1974Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Sakai, Seth May 22nd 1932May 10th 2007Cremated, ashes given to family.
Saldana, Theresa Aug 20th 1954Jun 6th 2016
Sales, Soupy Jan 8th 1926Oct 22nd 2009Unknown
Sambrell, Aldo Feb 23rd 1931Jul 10th 2010Cremated, disposition unknown.
Sander, Ian Nov 22nd 1947May 3rd 2016
Sanders, George Jul 3rd 1906Apr 25th 1972Cremated,ashes scattered at sea.
Sanford, Isabel Aug 29th 1917Jul 9th 2004Courts of Remembrance
Santino, Nick Jan 24th 1965Jan 25th 2012Cremated, Disposition unknown
Santos, Joe Jun 9th 1931Mar 18th 2016
Sargent, Dick Apr 19th 1930Jul 8th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.
Savalas, Telly Jan 21st 1922Jan 22nd 1994Court of Liberty Lot 1281
Savitch, Jessica Feb 1st 1947Oct 23rd 1983Cremated, Ashes scattered at Sea
Sayre, Jeffrey Dec 3rd 1900Sep 26th 1974Grotto, Lot 187, Grave 5.
Schallert, William Jul 6th 1922May 8th 2016
Scheider, Roy Nov 10th 1932Feb 10th 2008Burial at Sea
Schildkraut, Joseph Mar 22nd 1896Jan 21st 1964Beth Olam Mausoleum
Schildkraut, Rudolph Apr 27th 1862Jul 15th 1930Beth Olam, Section R, Crypt 214
Schwartz, Sherwood Nov 14th 1916Jul 12th 2011Block 3, Plot 187, Space 7
Schwarzwald, Milton Sep 16th 1891Mar 2nd 1950Colonnade, north wall, T-4, N-6
Scofield, Paul Jan 21st 1922Mar 19th 2008Unknown
Scott, Adrian Feb 6th 1912Dec 25th 1973Unknown
Scott, Fred Feb 14th 1902Dec 16th 1991Cremated, ashes scattered in unknown location.
Scott, George C. Oct 18th 1927Sep 22nd 1999Private garden
Scott, Tracy Mar 8th 1970Apr 30th 2016
Scrimm, Angus Aug 19th 1926Jan 9th 2016
Sedway, Moe Nov 30th -0001Nov 30th -0001Beth Olam, Section M-H
Seitz, John F. Jun 23rd 1892Feb 27th 1979Section F, T65, Grave 24
Sellers, Peter Sep 8th 1925Jul 24th 1980Chapel of Memory Columbarium, England.
Selzer, Milton Oct 25th 1918Oct 21st 2006Cremated, disposition unknown.
Selznick, David O. May 10th 1902Jun 22nd 1965Great Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Trust
Selznick, Myron Oct 5th 1898Mar 23rd 1944Great Mausoleum, private section just off last supper room.
Semels, Harry Nov 20th 1889Mar 2nd 1946
Semon, Larry Jul 16th 1889Oct 8th 1928Cremated, ashes given to family.
Serling, Rod Dec 25th 1924Jun 28th 1975Interlaken Cemetery Interlaken, NY
Sexton, Tommy Jul 3rd 1957Dec 13th 1993Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Shadix, Glenn Apr 15th 1952Sep 7th 2010Cremated, ashes given to family
Shandling, Garry Nov 29th 1949Mar 24th 2016
Sharpe, David Feb 2nd 1910Mar 30th 1980Cremated, ashes given to family.
Shaughnessy, Mickey Aug 5th 1920Jul 23rd 1985Cremated, ashes given to family.
Shaw, Artie May 23rd 1910Dec 30th 2004Rose Garden
Shaw, Robert Aug 9th 1927Aug 28th 1978Cremated, Ashes scattered near his home in Ireland
Sheard, Michael Jun 18th 1938Aug 31st 2005Cremated, disposition unknown.
Shearer, Edith Jan 1st 1873Jul 2nd 1958
Shearer, Norma Aug 10th 1902Jun 12th 1983Great Mausoleum, Adoration Columbarium, N-23735
Sheldon, Gene Feb 1st 1908May 1st 1982Cremated, ashes given to family.
Sheldon, Sidney Feb 11th 1917Jan 30th 2007Sanctuary of Tenderness
Shepherd, Richard Jun 4th 1927Jan 14th 2014Unknown
Sheridan, Ann Feb 21st 1915Jan 21st 1967Columbarium, Second Floor, East Wall
Shermet, Hazel Aug 1st 1920Oct 27th 2016
Sherwood, Madeleine Nov 13th 1922Apr 23rd 2016
Shilling, Marion Dec 3rd 1910Nov 6th 2004Cremated, ashes given to family.
Shimoda, Yuki Aug 10th 1921May 21st 1981Cremated, Ashes sent to a Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, Ca.
Shore, Dinah Feb 29th 1916Feb 24th 1994Mausoleum, outside/rear, Isiah V 147
Shryack, Dennis Aug 25th 1936Sep 14th 2016
Shutta, Jack Apr 3rd 1899Jun 28th 1957Cremated, ashes given to family.
Siedow, Jim Jun 12th 1920Nov 20th 2003Body donated to medical science
Siegal, Benjamin Feb 28th 1906Jun 20th 1947Beth Olam Mausoleum, 2nd hallway on right (M2), C-1087.
Sills, Milton Jan 12th 1882Sep 15th 1930Rosehills Cemetery, Chicago IL Section 111 Lot 38
Silverheels, Jay May 26th 1912May 5th 1980Cremated, Ashes Spread On Homestead on Six Nations Indian Reserve.
Silvers, Phil May 11th 1911Nov 1st 1985Gardens of Heritage, Lot 1004
Sinatra, Frank Dec 12th 1915May 14th 1998B-8, #151
Sinclair, Ronald Jan 21st 1924Nov 22nd 1992Cremated, Ashes were scattered over New Zealand.
Skelton, Red Jul 18th 1913Sep 17th 1997Sanctuary of Benediction, private room.
Slatzer, Robert Apr 4th 1927Mar 28th 2005Sanctuary of Tranquility
Slocombe, Douglas Feb 10th 1913Feb 22nd 2016
Smith, Anna Nicole Nov 28th 1967Feb 8th 2007Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums Nassau, Bahamas
Smith, Hal Aug 24th 1916Jan 28th 1994Mausoleum
Smith, Kent Mar 19th 1907Apr 23rd 1985Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Smith, Liz Dec 11th 1921Dec 24th 2016
Smyrl, David Sep 12th 1935Mar 22nd 2016
Sondergaard, Gale Feb 15th 1899Aug 14th 1985Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Sparrow, Walter Jan 22nd 1927May 31st 2000Cremated, disposition unknown.
Spelling, Aaron Apr 22nd 1923Jun 23rd 2006Hall of Reverence, FF J1.
Sperber, Wendie Jo Sep 15th 1958Nov 29th 2005Garden of Ramah, R5, Space 3A
Spielberg, David Mar 6th 1939Jun 1st 2016
St. Claire, Beau Jan 1st 1952Jan 9th 2016
Stack, Robert Jan 13th 1919May 14th 2003Room of Prayer
Stacy, James Dec 23rd 1936Sep 9th 2016
Stanwyck, Barbara Jul 16th 1907Jan 20th 1990Cremated, Ashes scattered in California
Starett, Charles Mar 28th 1903Mar 22nd 1986Cremated, Ashes scattered over Dartmouth College.
Steadman, Kenneth Jun 26th 1969Sep 20th 1996Cremated, ashes given to family.
Steedman, Trevor May 25th 1954Jun 25th 2016
Steiger, Rod Apr 14th 1925Jul 9th 2002Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Providence
Steni, Antonella Dec 3rd 1926Jan 18th 2016
Stephens, Robert Jul 14th 1931Nov 12th 1995Cremated, ashes given to family.
Sterling, Philip Oct 9th 1922Nov 30th 1998Cremated, ashes given to family.
Stevens, Craig Jul 8th 1918May 10th 2000Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Stewart, Dennis Jul 29th 1947Apr 20th 1994Cremated, ashes scattered at sea.
Stewart, Jimmy May 20th 1908Jul 2nd 1997Wee Kirk Churchyard, Space 2, Lot 8
Stickland, David Oct 14th 1969Mar 22nd 1999Cremated, ashes given to family.
Stockwell, Guy Nov 16th 1934Feb 6th 2002Cremated, ashes given to family.
Stone, Christopher Oct 4th 1942Oct 20th 1995Cremated, ashes given to family.
Stone, Milburn Jul 5th 1904Jun 12th 1980El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego California
Stossel, Ludwig Feb 12th 1883Jan 29th 1973Cremated, disposition unknown.
Stratten, Dorothy Feb 28th 1960Aug 14th 1980Section D, #170
Stuart, Gloria Jul 4th 1910Sep 26th 2010Cremated, ashes given to family
Sullivan, Barry Aug 29th 1912Jun 6th 1994Cremated, ashes given to family.
Sullivan, Ed Sep 28th 1901Oct 13th 1974Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum Hartsdale, NY
Summer, Donna Dec 31st 1948May 17th 2012Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Nashville, TN
Sumner, Peter Jan 29th 1942Nov 22nd 2016
Sundin, Michael Mar 1st 1961Jul 24th 1989Cremated, locations of cremains unknown.
Susi, Carol Ann Feb 2nd 1952Nov 11th 2014
Sutherland, Hal Jul 1st 1929Jan 16th 2014Unknown
Swanson, Gloria Mar 27th 1897Apr 4th 1983Episcopal Church of Heavenly Rest, Manhatten NY
Swayze, Patrick Aug 18th 1952Sep 14th 2009Cremated, Ashes scattered on his ranch in New Mexico
Swenson, Karl Jul 23rd 1908Oct 8th 1978Cremated, ashes given to family.
Switala, Carole Sep 23rd 1946Jul 9th 2016
Sylbert, Paul Apr 16th 1928Nov 19th 2016
Sylvester, John Nov 3rd 1903Mar 1st 1995Enduring Faith, L-3972, space 3 (unmarked)