Catherine Olen - The Hollywood Grave Hunter
Catherine Olen has been working in and around cemeteries for 20 years and has created an entire world for people to celebrate the cemetery and the lives of our most beloved celebrities...

Olen has been recognized as one of the foremost funeral counselors of the 1990's. Getting her start as a funeral counselor, assisting families with the task of creating funeral services and burials that would celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Not completely satisfied with working with the living, Catherine began seeking out the dead as a grave hunter. What began as a personal journey to find the resting places of the famous, has become a lasting tribute to those whose work touched the lives of so many of us. Catherine has been recognized on such television shows as "The Tragic Side of Fame" on The Biography Channel and "Entertainment Tonight".

Catherine continues her labor of love today by documenting the lives of our most loved celebrities. Her books "The Final Curtain, Celebrity Deaths" and "The Upside of Undertaking" are available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and".

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